First Annual Tonka Fiction Contest — Minnetonka Review

4 August 2007

The winning entry will be published and its author will receive $1,000 and a personalized, engraved plaque featuring a print of the cover art from the award issue!
2nd Place Prize: $100
3rd Place Prize: $50
10 Honorable Mentions will be named
All entries judged anonomously and considered for publication.


1. The entry fee of $10 includes a copy of the award issue (Winter 2008). This fee is waived for all subscribers who have paid for at least a two-issue subscription and whose subscription would include the award issue.
2. Entries must be less than 6,000 words in length and have a typewritten title page that includes the author’s Name, Address, Email (if available), Phone, and Title of the story. THE AUTHOR’S NAME MUST NOT APPEAR ANYWHERE ELSE IN OR ON THE MANUSCRIPT.
3. Simultaneous Submissions are acceptable, but you must notify us if the work is accepted elsewhere.
4. Winning entries must not have been previously accepted for publication.
5. Friends and family of Minnetonka Review editors and staff are not eligible.
6. Entries must be postmarked between August 15th and November 30, 2007. Winners will be announced on the website in February 2008 and the award issue will be printed around the same time.
7. Send your entry to the address below, along with a check or money order payable to “Minnetonka Review” (or if you are a subscriber, indicate such on your title page). If you wish, you may include a self-addressed stamped postcard to verify that we received your entry.

Minnetonka Review
Tonka Fiction Contest
P.O. Box 386
Spring Park, MN 55384

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