The Earth Vision nature writing contest 2007

4 August 2007

short fiction, creative non-fiction, or poetic prose

First Prize $600 and elegibility to co-write a future EV work.

Entries are now invited for the EV nature writing contest. Only winners will be notified and entries will not be acknowledged or returned.

The deadline for receipt of entries is October 15, 2007.

The EV nature writing contest is held for three reasons:

1. to support the cause of writing on the subject of nature and deep ecology.
2. to find a co-author for a future volume of the Earth Vision project.
3. any outstanding proceeds support the EV project.

First prize: $600 and eligibility to co-write a future work* with EV author Josef Graf.
Second prize: $100 and eligibility to co-write a future work* with the EV author.
Three honorable mentions.

This contest is open to any writer in English producing an original short piece of fiction, creative non-fiction, or poetic prose (no lined or rhymed poetry) on a theme of nature, deep ecology, or spiritual ecology. Submissions can be published or unpublished material, length to range between 500 and 2500 words per entry. One title per entry, you can enter as many times as you like, new entry fee to accompany each entry. Winners will retain all rights, and will be invited to post their entries on the Earth Vision website.

Entry fee: $12 (U.S.)
You can either donate $12, or purchase two or more E-books from the Earth Vision site (at $6 each).

– there is no form for this contest.
– peruse the Earth Vision material – either by reading the excerpts on the site, or buying any two of the E-books. Winners will comprise the best potential co-authors for future EV material, as judged by EV author, Josef Graf.
– either donate $12 through the link below – or purchase two or more E-books from the five available on the site – then email your entry through the address below, as either a Word, or PDF document.
– enter “EV contest” on the subject line of your email – and remember to attach your entry.
– include a cover page with title, contact, and author information, plus a short biography.

The deadline is Oct 15th, 2007. No late entries will be considered.

Only winning entries will be notified.
Winners will be posted on this site by November 15th, 2007.

* Neither winners, nor the EV author, are bound in any way to enter into a co-writing agreement. That option would only proceed under full mutual agreement between both parties.

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