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Jessie Bryce Niles Chapbook Competition

24 September 2007

Manuscripts accepted between August 1 and September 30, 2007

Winner receives $1,000
and 50 copies of chapbook
Contest 2007 Final Judge: Kathleen Bryce Niles
All chapbooks are screened
by the editors of The Comstock Review

Entry Fee is $15 per Chapbook
Deadline: Postmark September 30th
Submit Manuscripts only between August 1 & September 30 to:

Chapbook Contest, 4956 St. John Drive, Syracuse, NY 13215.
1. Submit between 25-34 pages of poetry. (One page = maximum 38 lines, including spacing between lines). (Manuscripts either too short or too long will be disqualified.)
* Some words of explanation: See below. *
2. All contestants receive copy of winning chapbook.
3. No names are to appear on poems.
4. Send two cover pages:
A. One cover page should contain title of manuscript, name, address, phone and e-mail.
B. Second cover page should list TITLE ONLY.
5. Manuscripts should be paginated and secured with a binder clip.
6. Poems may have been previously published in journals. List acknowledgements on a separate, removable page with identifying information as above.
7. Manuscript, as a whole, must be previously UNpublished.
8. #10 SASE for results only
9. No manuscripts will be returned.


*Words of Explanation have been added due to numerous e-mail requests. We don’t mean to be confusing!

* PAGE LENGTH: Poems may be more than one page but each page should not contain more than 38 lines & spaces. Title of poem is not counted in poem’s length on a page. Poems should not be double spaced. Total amount of pages of poetry should be between 25 and 34 pages. (Do not count title page, acknowledgements, dedication or bio in the page length. Do not send illustrations, photos or any other graphics attached to the poems.)

Initial and final judging will be “blind.” The manuscript is judged on its own merits, not publication credits or name of author.
Identifying cover sheet and acknowledgement page will be removed before submission to any of the judges. However, it is important that previously published poems are credited on the removable acknowledgement sheet. (*None of these pages will be counted in manuscript length) Simultaneous submissions are acceptable as long as the poet notifies us immediately upon acceptance elsewhere so his or her manuscript does not keep another from the finalists sent to the judge. You may choose to list the TITLE ONLY of the chapbook on all pages of your submission. (*This does not count in 38 lines of “poetry.”) You may submit a Table of Contents, which can list the manuscript name only — not the poet’s name. (*Again, not counted in length of anuscript.)
We request a binder clip for ease of separation. No staples or plastic covers please.

Be sure to keep your address current until after publication so you can be notified or receive a copy of the winning chapbook.
Winner notified by December 15, 2007. Results including winner and top ten finalists listed on web site by December 15th.
We will consult with winner before publication about details of publication. Chapbook will be 5 1/2 x 8 inches, professionally printed and saddled-stitched. Publication in Spring of 2008 will meet standards of The Comstock Review and Editor Emerita, Kathleen Bryce Niles