Bathsheba Monk Short Story Contest

20 November 2007

First prize story will be posted on the Bathsheba Monk website and the author of the winning story will receive $500. Other stories of note will be posted with their author’s permission. First prize story author and other authors of note who agree to have their stories published on the Bathsheba Monk website will be asked to resubmit their stories on electronic media. However, we will not open any unsolicited attachments. You know the drill.

Please send paper submissions and a self-addressed postcard (if you would like to be notified that we have received your entry) to:

Bathsheba Monk Short Story Contest
2435 W. Walnut Street
Allentown , PA 18104 USA

Please include your contact information in a cover letter. Tell us about yourself. All paper will be recycled after the judging.
No entry fee.
No word count limits or minimums. But short stories only, please.
Also, please use 12 point font, double space your entry, number and identify each page of the manuscript, and make sure you have enough toner in your printer cartridge. We value our eyesight.

“Deadline: December 31, 2007”

Winning story will be posted in February 2008.

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