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A Woman’s Write Novel Competition

7 July 2008

We are more interested in a good story well told than in attempts to sound literary or poetic. Send us your best, simplest work. Make us love or hate your characters by what you let them do and say. Get us involved in the plot by moving us skillfully from point A to point B.

This is a fiction contest. Memoirs, biographies, and other nonfiction are not eligible for this competition.

AWW is a resource for creative women. We want to encourage work by, for and about women, but stories about men will not be overlooked. Just be sure that your viewpoint rings true and the experiences you portray are authentic to the character and setting. Be natural.

Do not use special script for emphasis. Read rules for the use of italics and do not use italics for simple emphasis. Do not overuse the exclamation point. Books will be judged on objective standards and demerits will be assigned for: word repetition, incorrect grammar and syntax, incorrect punctuation, improper formatting of paragraphs, weak characterizations, contradictory or illogical plot development, unbelievable or inconsistent setting. It will also be judged subjectively by our editors, as nearly as possible to mimic the experience of a new enthusiastic reader who has picked your book off the shelf and is embarking on the adventure of involvement in the world you have created. What stops, bores, or confuses that reader/editor will stop, bore, and confuse a larger audience.

Read the instructions carefully and submit accordingly. Inattention to detail can result in disqualification. The editors of AWW are themselves contest entrants (and occasional winners) and are well acquainted with the frustrations of getting it wrong and kicking oneself for having gotten it wrong. Please, read. For questions, email us at:

Important: Contestants should be 18 or older. Submitting your entry certifies that you are eligible, and that all work submitted is your own. Entry fees are non-refundable and are payable through PayPal. Judge’s decisions are final. For complete rules, consult the website:

Reading fee is $25.00 for all submissions. If you want a critique of your work, you must pay an additional $50.00 fee (total of $75.00).

Good Read Competition Prize

One award of $500.00 will be awarded to the book judged best by our editors.