Obama – McCain Political Haiku Contest

16 September 2008


As the political season continues to heat up, we are forced to take in more and more political advertising and media coverage. Here’s your chance for a creative release of pent up political tension.
We’re looking for the best series of four haikus about Barack Obama/Joe Biden , John McCain/Sara Palin or a reflection therof. Three winners will receive $10, with one winner for each category: *Pro Obama/Biden, *Pro McCain/Palin and *Independent or Third Party candidate. The winners will also be featured on the front page. Haikus must be written in the traditional format: three lines each, 17 syllables total in a 5-7-5 syllable format. Remember to include at least four haikus in your submission.

All haikus need to be 100% original work. This contest has a deadline of Friday, September 19th, 11 P.M. EST.

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