Call for Submissions

26 October 2008

Storyscape, an online literary journal that is story-centered, asks for your submission.

We want your:

Invented story, true story, overheard story, visual story, poetic story, audio story, found story, given story.

Just captivate us with the strength of the story. The premise of the journal is to expand the notion of what stories are while shaking up the labels we use to define them. To this end, we’ve come up with 3
sections of the journal: Truth, Untruth, and We Don’t Know and They Won’t Tell Us. You label your own piece, which means you decide what “the truth” means to you. We are actively looking for unique modes of storytelling that fall outside conventional boundaries while still maintaining the core essence of “story.”

We will publish the next issue in the Spring of 2009.

To check out the site:
Our mission statement:
Our submission guidelines:

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