26 October 2008

New deadline. 10th Nov. 2008.

PLAYWRIGHTS WANTED URGENT 10th Nov. 2008 deadline.

Can you write a 10 minute play before 10th Nov. 2008? Think of “IRAQ” as a metaphor for Afghanistan, Middle East, Israel, USA, UK, Iraq, muslims, jews, christians, w, saddam, osama, barney, Torah, Koran, Bible, Hijab, rights of women, Peace, War, 9-11, Etc., Etc.

If you are for or against the war, this is your chance to express yourself. How do you feel about soldiers and innocent civilians dying on both sides? Can you write about a solution? Nonpartisan. Non-sectarian. Based on real people or fascinating characters you create. A ten minute play should have a great ending, be about 7 pages and is about 1200 words, assuming you don’t use words like hippopotomonstrosesquipedalian.

Submission Guidelines:
1. Original, any genre, unproduced, unpublished, not optioned, and not have won other contests. No monologues.
2. English language. 12 font.
3. Up to but no longer than 10 minutes.
4. Contact info and biography on one page.
5. List of characters with brief Bios.
6. Limit, 3 scripts per writer. 1 drama, 1 comedy and 1 work of pure genius.
7. No email script submissions.
8. Include 3 copies of each script. Scripts will Not be returned.
9. Donation (Not mandatory)of $1 cash or 3,1st class usa stamps
or the equivalent of $1.(pound,Riyal,Afghani,Euro,Dinar,Etc).
Those who donate or do not are treated equally.
10. Contest open to earth citizens,including Canadians and Mathematicians.
11. Deadline: 10th Nov. 2008.
12. Writers will be contacted for permission to perform your play.
13. Author owns rights.
Please, no registered mail.

P. O. Box 291 460. Los Angeles, Ca. 90029 USA.

1st prize $100. 2nd prize $25. 3rd prize $25. 4th thru 9th prizes $10
Check 30th Nov 2008 on website.

The 10 best plays will have a staged reading in Los Angeles in December 2008. We are seeking sponsors so we can perform the plays on the same day in New York, Paris, Dubai, Washington, Dublin, and London. If you or your company wish to sponsor us, we would love to hear from you. Any suggestions? Or if you just wish to support us you could make a check out to:

Hollywood Science Theatre. Thank you.

John O’Donnell. Artistic Director.

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