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28 January 2009

Writer’s Relief announces a NO-FEE contest to celebrate its 15th anniversary as an author’s submission service.

The grand prize is 25+ submissions of your work professionally targeted to agents, editors, or literary magazines (monetary value: $106). In other words, Writer’s Relief will do the market research for you to make sure your work gets into the right hands. More information about this prize at: http://writersreliefblog.com/post/Our-A-La-Carte-Service.aspx.

To win our 15th anniversary contest, submit a poem, short story, or essay of exactly 15 words.

Current clients can enter to win a $106 discount.

Honorable mentions will receive one of our T-shirts. You can see what they look like here: www.writersrelief.com/Products.asp#shirts.

The information you need to know:

Deadline: 02/28/09.

Submit to: Writer’s Relief’s 15th Anniversary. E-mail via RTF or DOC attachment to: contest@wrelief.com

Please put “Contest Submission” in the subject line. Or mail to:

“Contest Submission,” 409 South River Street, Hackensack, NJ 07601.
NOTE: Your entry must be postmarked by 2/28/09.

Entry fee: NONE!

Type: Poems, short shorts, and short essays (15 words EXACTLY).

1. We will read entries anonymously, but YOU MUST include ALL of your contact information (name, mailing address, phone number, and e-mail address) with your submission.

2. Do NOT post your entry as a comment on our blog (www.writersreliefblog.com); it will be disqualified.

3. If your piece is under OR over 15 words, the submission will also be disqualified.

4. Do NOT include a title. We want the work to be strong enough to stand on its own.

5. Only ONE (1) entry per person.

6. Winning entries will be posted on our blog; we will acquire one-time rights.

7. Winners will be announced for our anniversary, which is March 15.

More information about Writer’s Relief at www.writersrelief.com.

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