OPEN CALL FROM PUDDING HOUSE PRESS CALL FOR Love Poems and Other Messages for Bruce Springsteen

9 March 2009

Springsteen’s passionate listeners have been grateful for his music that address their causes and struggles for years. From movie producers/directors who’ve asked for something special to fit the themes of their films to the lyrics that come from Bruce’s own conscious and the issues swelling from the times of our lives. Springsteen has created music and lyrics that help carry us through. Think of Philadelphia, The Wrestler, so many others. Bruce
Springsteen has given and given to the difficulties. What else do you know about Bruce Springsteen? What if we give him a fine, slender, collection of poems written just for him, from the similar spirit he gives to so much that matters.

This collection, edited by Jennifer Bosveld, has a target release date of September 2009 but could fill and close as soon as March 15, 2009.

So assume a deadline of March 15. Be blessed by The Ides of March. As usual, Jen issues an Ides of March message. This year it is this CALL to the value of the observant poetic response to one individual who has done likewise for decades. Join Pudding House in gratitude for Bruce Springsteen, the man he is, and the work that
proves he pays attention, issued warnings, and gone beyond to also issue blessings, issued notice regarding the fragile times of our lives.

This is not a contest and has no reading fee. Perhaps 20 poems/poets will be chosen and twenty copies of the sm
all collection will be sent to Springsteen with great effort to make sure he actually receives them. Contributors will
receive 5 copies each in gratitude from Pudding House. Anyone who wants to serve as a proofreader for the collection, to receive it by email attachment after it is formatted, please send a separate email stating that. Those selected to this task will be serving as a labor of love with your name listed in the front as “editorial team” and will need to print out the small collection and mark corrections in red.

Send poems in the body of an email only, one at a time (one poem per
email) to:

subject line: Springsteen poem

Jennifer Bosveld, editor
Love Poems and Other Messages for Bruce Springsteen
Pudding House Publications
* the largest literary small press in America*

81 Shadymere Lane
Columbus Ohio 43213

Most submissions will be responded to immediately or within a day. Be aware that our email acts up. If you don’t hear from Jen within 24 hours, assume it didn’t reach her and send again. No simultaneous submissions but previously published work is fine as long as author owns copyright and includes copyright statement at the bottom of the poem. Absolutely NO lifting of lyrics or language from work owned by other writers please.
That is illegal and people are paying hefty fines or going to jail for that.

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