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The Inaugural ‘I Read It; I’ll Spread It!’ Blog Writing Competition

15 March 2009

The competition will be running from 15 March 2009 until 30 June 2009. It’s all about stuff we’ve read and been blown away by. Share the good news you read with us and our readers. Did you come across a little-known but life changing fact in some book somewhere? How about a quote you live by? Do you feel you must share it with the world or you would just die? It might be a recipe that could bring world peace or some ancient unheard of wisdom for better posture, finding true love or when to fight or flee. We won’t know till you tell us!

Have you read some strange method of taking ten years off the face [and tried it!]or maybe it’s some acronym on how to behave at a party? How did what you read make you feel? Did it change the way you see things? Why? WHY NOT? We want you to tell us this in 500-2000 words.
A single entry is $5 and it’s $10 for up to 3 entries. (£3 and £5 respectively).
You may enter as many times as you wish.
We will award 3 prizes of US$200, US$100 and US$50 and gift baskets of lovely 100% natural, hand-made soaps by Sahara Soaps. There will also be a l ucky draw for one entrant to receive a Sahara Soap gift basket. The winning entries will also be posted on the blog and we hope to have a discussion forum.

Send your entry to- c/o T. E Vere, ‘I Read It; I’ll Spread It!’ Blog Writing Competition
37 Corston, Brompton Road, Weston-Super-Mare, BS24 9BX, England

Make your cheque/s payable to N.Vere

Please keep your entries as drafts in your e-mail to make posting your winning blogs easier.
Include a separate sheet with your submission giving your full name, address, phone number/s and e-mail address and a 50 word bio. Also, indicate if you wish to be included in the lucky draw for the Sahara Soaps Gift Basket.

Entries must be post marked 30 June 2009 or earlier.
Get writing!
Questions? E-mail – cc :
Notification of winners will be from 1 August 2009.

The 2009 Strongest Start Novel Competition on TheNextBigWriter

15 March 2009

1st Place Winner Receives $500 and a $2,400 Publishing Package from BookSurge.

Enter a writing competition to see who can craft the most compelling start to a novel. Whether you write Romance, Science Fiction, Literary Fiction, Non-fiction, or some other genre, the only criteria is that you write a start that will keep us reading.

Over $3,500 in Prizes and Awards.

* Receive feedback on everything you post to help you prepare your novel for publication.
* Get noticed.
* Meet other writers, share tricks, and join the most advanced writing workshop on the planet.

Submit your first three chapters to enter. Your novel does not have to be complete and you can revise your chapters after submission based on the feedback you receive – up until the competition deadline.

Contest submission deadline: May 16, 2009.

Learn more about the Strongest Start Novel Competition.