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Tammy Call for Submissions for Issue II

23 March 2009

A new print journal, Tammy, arising from the Midwest, has begun its second reading period and is currently taking open submissions up until until June 15th, 2009.

A little about Tammy: Tammy is a print journal of poetry and prose published biannually. Tammy’s editors write and work out of Chicago, Minneapolis, San Francisco, and Saint Louis. Stemming from the urgency to create a physical home, Tammy features writing from the esteemed fringes and unguarded egresses of American letters.

Although not exclusively, Tammy especially looks forward to reading the work of writers who have continued honing their craft within MFA programs throughout the states.

Tammy submissions can be mailed to the following address: for poems, please send only one attachment, entitled with your last name (ex. Joyce.doc) and no more than five poems to; for prose, please send no more than two stories or essays to

Simultaneous submissions are fine, but please inform us as soon as possible upon acceptance elsewhere.

For ordering information, please query

Octopus Books Call for Submissions

23 March 2009

Octopus Books will hold an open reading period for full-length poetry manuscripts in April of 2009. Manuscripts must be submitted between April Fools day and April 30, 2009. We prefer you submit your manuscripts electronically. To submit, purchase the $10 reading fee through paypal from the button at then attach your manuscript in an email to

In the subject line of the email write your name and “Manuscript Submission.” There is no need to introduce yourself in the body of the email. Your email will be handled anonymously by an intern. Your manuscript will be forwarded in a different file without any identifying markers and read blindly by the editors and other readers. Do not include your name on the manuscript at all.

If you choose to submit by mail, send manuscript to:

Octopus Books
1031 SE 21st
Portland, OR 97214

Include a $10 check made to Octopus Books and your email address. We will still notify you by email. Also, include your name on the packaging, but not on the manuscript itself.


23 March 2009

Submit your nursing story to Kaplan Publishing’s newest anthology: Beyond Borders: Nurses’ Stories about Working Abroad.

We want nurses from all over the world to reveal what it’s like to practice nursing outside of your home countries. Whether confronted with unfamiliar cultural norms, new medical language, or greater or fewer resources than you would experience at home, your story will open a window into the commonalities and cultural differences in how the art and science of nursing is practiced around the globe.

If you have ever worked outside your own country,or worked in your own country within a cultural very different from your own we would like to read your story. Email for complete submission guidelines.

Thank you very much.


23 March 2009

Anthology of Contemporary Poetry
Edited by Maja Trochimczyk

Forthcoming in March 2010 to honor the 200th Anniversary of Chopin’s Birth.

Moonrise Press


§ Original poetry about any aspect of music and life of Fryderyk Chopin (1810-1849), Polish pianist and composer
§ Deadline – August 1, 2009
§ Language – English
§ Length – maximum 39 lines per poem, 3 poems
§ Format – email with the poem both in the body of the message and attachment in MS Word or rtf
§ Address and contact information of the author included in the body of the message

1. The book will be published by Moonrise Press, with an ISBN number.
2. The authors will retain individual copyright, granting permission to print in the anthology only.
3. The book will be distributed by online print-on-demand company and available through a network of partners, including Bowkers Books in Print,, Amazon, etc.
4. The authors will receive an off-print of their submission, and a 30% discount on the book price.

Poetry Chapbook Contest: Gribble Press

23 March 2009

1. Send your chapbook manuscript of 20-30 pages of poetry.
2. Paginate ms. and include table of contents.
3. Individual pieces may have been published in literary journals, but the ms.has not been previously published before as a book. Include acknowledgment page for previously published pieces.
4. Send two cover pages, one with your name and contact information, one with the name of manuscript only.
5. Attach check or money order in the amount of $15.00 made to the order of Gribble Press.
6. Include an SASE for notification of winner
7. May be a simultaneous submission, but we want immediate notification if accepted by another press.
8. You may submit multiple submissions, but please include a $15.00 entry fee for each submission.
9. Manuscript must be postmarked by April 30, 2009 . Winner will be announced by June 1, 2009.
10. May submit ms.electronically at (replace (at) with @), sending check through regular mail to Chapbook Contest, Gribble Press, PO Box 10307, Spokane, WA 99209-0307. Send through regular U.S. mail. If you want notification of receipt, include a stamped postcard, no postal return receipts, please.
11. May also mail hardcopy to Chapbook Contest, Gribble Press, PO Box 10307, Spokane, WA 99209-0307. If you want notification of receipt, include a stamped postcard, no postal return receipts, please.

Note: We will run a contest with the intent to act ethically, provide clear guidelines, and make our process as transparent as possible. Our goal is to publish the most exciting and energetic literary work available.

Contact us at Gribble Press, PO Box 10307, Spokane, WA 99209-0307 or Gribble@greymaredit.


23 March 2009

$1000 Prize and 50 copies

Arthur Dawson and Rebecca Lawton will serve as judges for this competition.


Submit a manuscript of 16-24 pages of poetry with a strong sense of place, focusing on the natural world, culture, history, or personal experiences of a region. The theme will be broadly interpreted.

This will be a blind judging: Do not include your name on the poems.

Submission window: postmarks from January 2, 2009 to July 1, 2009.

Submit one cover page clipped to the manuscript with title only, and a separate title page with name, address and e-mail.

Manuscript should be paginated, secured with a clip and include contents and acknowledgments for previously published work (these and title page not included in 16-24 page count).

Simultaneous submissions accepted, but you must notify us if your work is accepted elsewhere.

Include a reading fee of $16 with your submission. Checks only, payable to “Kulupi Press.”

Include a SASE for results only. No manuscripts will be returned.

Winner will be announced on or before September 1.

The winner will be invited to hold a poetry reading at a local venue of their choice. An honorarium for this reading will be given in addition to the above prize.