Hip Mama Fiction Contest

24 March 2009

hipmamazine.com/fictioncontest.html (go to this URL to pay entry fee online)

It’s time to make something up! ~~~ For all of you beautiful liars out there- Hip Mama is gonna be breaking some fresh ground and doing a Short Story Contest judged by Kerlin Richter and Ariel Gore.

First Prize is $100, your Short Story as the feature in issue 44, the Creativity issue, along with a profile and picture of your brilliant self, AND a Lifetime Subscription to Hip Mama (we don’t even sell lifetime subscriptions anymore).

Ten runners up will get a four issue subscription, their names and story titles in the zine and their full stories will be published online.

** what about?**
Write any short story you want. Just make sure there is a Mama in there somewhere. It can be any genre, any style, from any ol’ point of view. The only rule for content is: THERE MUST BE A MAMA IN THE STORY.

** how long?**
Keep it under 2500 words.

** where to?**
The best way is to attach your story as a word document and e-mail it to hipmamazine@gmail.com. In the subject line write ‘Short Story Submission’ and your name.


Mail it old school to P.O Box 12525, Portland OR 97212.

** how much?**
$25 per story entry fee, or splurge and for $60 and I will mail back your story with comments.

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