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8 April 2009

Deadline: April 30, 2009 (postmark). P Prizes: 1st: $100; 2nd: $75; 3rd: $50; 4th: $25 and up to 4 Honorable Mentions.

WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED on the last day of the AWC Conference at the Hilton Birmingham Perimeter Park Hotel, Birmingham, Alabama on JULY 19, 2009.

Contest Rules: Entries must be original, unpublished, and may not have won a money prize in any contest. (Sitting AWC voting Board Members are not eligible.) Multiple entries are accepted, but only one prize is awarded for each category.

Send one copy of each entry on standard white paper in standard manuscript format (double-spaced, one-inch margins, 12pt. Courier or Times Roman font).

On first page include: Title, Category and Word Count (DO NOT show author name on the manuscript).

Please number the pages.

Enclose a separate cover sheet with: Category; Title; Author name, mailing address, e-mail address and phone number; and whether an AWC Member or non-member.

Please provide a separate cover sheet for each entry.

Entry Fees

For all categories (EXCEPT Poem and First Chapter Novel): $5.00 per entry if AWC member, $8.00 per entry if non-member.

For First Chapter Novel: $10.00 if member, $12.00 if non-member.

For Poem: $3.00 per poem if member, $5.00 if non-member.

Make checks to: Alabama Writers’ Conclave. (Note: Membership and conference fees must be submitted separately to the AWC Treasurer)

Send contest entry manuscripts and checks to: Marian Lewis, AWC Contest Chair, 250 Hartside Rd., Owens Cross Roads, AL 35763.

NOTE: Please include a #10 SASE if you would like to receive a Winners’ List after the AWC conference in July. If you would like confirmation that your entry has been received, also include a self-addressed stamped postcard (SASP)

Writing Competition Categories

Fiction – maximum 2500 words.

Short Fiction – maximum 1000 words.

Juvenile Fiction (stories for ages 4-12) – maximum 2500 words. MUST LIST GENRE AND TARGETED AGE GROUP (i.e. picture book, 3 & up).

Nonfiction – maximum 2500 words (PLEASE SPECIFY IF WRITTEN FOR ADULT OR CHILDREN).

Humor (fiction, nonfiction, or poetry) – maximum 2000 words or 50 lines (for poems).

Traditional Poem (any “form” poem, i.e. villanelle, sonnet, sestina) – maximum 40 lines.

Free Verse Poem – maximum 60 lines.

First Chapter of Novel – up to 10 double-spaced pages, first chapter ONLY.

2009 Omnidawn Poetry Contest

8 April 2009

Ann Lauterbach will judge the 2009 Omnidawn Poetry Contest

Submissions accepted by Omnidawn March 1 – June 30, 2009

The 2009 Omnidawn Poetry Prize is Omnidawn Publishing’s second annual contest for a first or second full-length collection of poems by a poet writing in English. The contest will be judged by Ann Lauterbach, with a cash prize of $2,000 and Fall 2010 publication by Omnidawn Publishing with full publicity and advertising of the book to Omnidawn standards. The prize also includes 100 free copies of the book. Manuscripts will remain anonymous until a winner is selected.

— Envelope must be postmarked on or between March 1st of 2009 and June 30th of 2009.

General Guidelines:
— The entering manuscript must be your first or second full length poetry book. (If you have written two or more poetry books that have been published or accepted for publication you are ineligible for this contest.) Chapbook publication has no bearing on this.
— The poet must be writing in English. Translations are ineligible.
— Entry fee of $25 must accompany each submission; make check payable to Omnidawn Publishing. We cannot accept any other form of payment at this time.
— The entry fee entitles you to one Omnidawn title from our catalogue. Please see website page “Omnidawn Titles” for full catalogue of books from which you can choose. If you would like to receive an Omnidawn book of your choice and you live in the United States include a US Post Office 9.5″x 12.5″ Flat Rate Priority Mail Envelope with $ 4.95 standard postage stamp(s) to cover shipping. Do NOT use computer generated postage such as Click-n-Ship, E-Stamps, or Endicia because this postage is date and zip code specific and we cannot use it. On the outside of the envelope please write in the title you are requesting. We will enclose your book in a protective mailer, place it in your envelope, and mail it to you. If you do not include a Stamped Flat Rate envelope we will assume you are not interested in receiving a book. (If you live outside the U.S. and would like an Omnidawn title please add $12.00 for postage to the entry fee for a total of $37.00 (U.S. Dollars) and include a self addressed envelope with the name of the book you want printed on the front.)
— Multiple submissions to this contest are acceptable but each manuscript must be entered under separate cover, each with separate check for entry fee.
— Simultaneous submissions are fine but please let us know if your manuscript is accepted by another publisher while under our consideration.
— No revisions to submitted manuscripts will be considered.

Manuscript Submission Requirements:

— We recommend that the manuscript be no fewer than 40 pages and no more than 70 pages. The manuscript should be paginated with a table of contents and enclosed in a standard manila folder. Nothing should be written on the manila folder. Each manuscript should include one cover page with title of manuscript only and a second cover page with title plus your name, address, telephone number, email address, and where you learned about the Omnidawn contest (to the best of your recollection). If you have requested a free book please list the requested title below your contact information.
— Please do NOT include an acknowledgments page or a cover letter or bio.
— Please do NOT contact us with queries regarding the status of your submission. Your canceled check will indicate that we have received your entry.
— Please do NOT enclose a SASE for return of manuscript; all manuscripts will be recycled at the end of our contest. Please notify us if you move or change your email address or phone number; send new address, email address, or phone number to:
— We will announce the contest results on our web page.
— Mail manuscript and entry fee to:

Omnidawn Publishing
3263 Kempton Ave
Oakland, Ca 94611
—Please do NOT send Fed Ex, UPS or signature-required USPS express mail envelopes; they will not be accepted.

How We Judge:
The entries are logged into a database by an assistant not associated with the reading process who registers the personal address information of the entrant, the title of the manuscript, assigns it a number and removes all identifying materials. The manuscripts are then anonymously submitted to the editors of Omnidawn for screening. Omnidawn does not use interns or students to screen for this contest. For the sake of avoiding any conflict of interest, if one of the readers recognizes the work of a colleague, student, or friend, then that manuscript is given to another editor. The final judge receives the top manuscripts from which to select the winner. If the final judge wishes to see additional manuscripts she may request them; the judge is not, however, permitted to request specific manuscripts. Friends, colleagues, and students of the judge are not eligible to compete. The judge is not allowed to choose manuscripts that present a conflict of interest.

Omnidawn abides by The CLMP Code of Ethics: The Council of Literary Magazines and Presses’ community of independent literary publishers believes that ethical contests serve our shared goal: to connect writers and readers by publishing exceptional writing. We believe that intent to act ethically, clarity of guidelines, and transparency of process form the foundation of an ethical contest. To that end, we agree to 1) conduct our contests as ethically as possible and to address any unethical behavior on the part of our readers, judges, or editors; 2) to provide clear and specific contest guidelines — defining conflict of interest for all parties involved; and 3) to make the mechanics of our selection process available to the public. This Code recognizes that different contest models produce different results, but that each model can be run ethically. We have adopted this Code to reinforce our integrity and dedication as a publishing community and to ensure that our contests contribute to a vibrant literary heritage.

Book Production, Distribution, Advertising, and Complimentary Copies:
The prize winning book will be produced, distributed, and advertised to Omnidawn standards and will also meet the Green Press Initiative standards and have the Green Press Initiative statement on the copyright page. The book will be printed using the same archival quality acid-free paper and full four-color cover used for other Omnidawn books. As with other Omnidawn books, we will encourage the winning poet to participate in the design of the book, including choice of typefaces, cover colors and artwork, with all stages subject to the approval of the winning poet. The book will be distributed worldwide by Omnidawn’s distributor, Independent Publishers Group, and will be advertised along with other Omnidawn books inPoets & Writers Magazine, American Poetry Review, American Book Review, Rain Taxi, and other publications. All costs, including production, distribution, and advertising will be fully paid for by Omnidawn. In addition to the $2,000 cash prize, the winning poet will also receive 100 copies of the book free of charge.

The Burning Bush Poetry Prize, 2009

8 April 2009

$200 First Prize and Publication in the Fall 2009 In Our Own Words Writer’s Guidelines
To reward a poet whose writing
1. Inspires others to value human life and the natural world instead of values based on short-term economic advantage
2. Speaks for community-centered values,democratic processes, especially those whose voices are seldom heard
3. Demonstrates poetic excellence
4. Educates readers of the relevance of the past to the present and future

Submission Deadline: 6/1/09.

Poems should be typed, and formatted as desired. Three poems maximum, any style or form. We prefer unpublished work, but published poems may be submitted. If published before, please include where, when and any acknowledgment information we may need. While we take reasonable care with all your work, be sure not to send your only copies.

Send a stamped self addresses envelop with enough postage to return your work. Send an index card with your name, mailing address, email, phone and title of each poem submitted listed on it. If your poem is selected for the Poetry Prize, we will need a brief (50 word) biographical statement from you. That’s it. Winners will be selected in July, 2009. Good Luck.

Reading Fee: $10
Closing Date:6/1/09
Mail to (snail mail ok):

Burning Bush Publications
Poetry Prize
P.O. Box 4658
Santa Rosa, CA 95402

note that submissions without a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope will not be returned

5th Annual Burnside Review Poetry Chapbook Competition

8 April 2009

Judge: Martha Ronk

We are sponsoring our fifth annual poetry chapbook competition. Winner will receive twenty-five copies and a two hundred dollar cash prize. Competition runs March 15th to June 30th. Winner will be announced approximately September 1st, with publication date set for winter. The same dedication and care will go into the production of the chapbook as with our journal—quality cardstock cover with photography, linen paper, excellent layout. We will make the publication process as cooperative as possible.

—18 to 24 pages of poetry. Individual poems may be previously published.
—2 cover sheets, one with the title of the manuscript, your name, telephone number, and address. The second cover sheet should list only the title of the manuscript.
—A page acknowledging previously published poems
—A self addressed stamped envelope
—Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but please notify us if the manuscript is accepted elsewhere

IF BY POST: Include a self addressed stamped envelope and a check or money order for $15- made out to Burnside Review. Entry must be postmarked by June 30th to: Burnside Review Poetry Chapbook Contest, P.O. Box 1782, Portland OR 97207.

IF BY ELECTRONIC SUBMISSION: E-mail all of above a single Word file to Send $16- by Paypal to Fee and entry must be submitted within 24 hours of each other. Receipt of entry will be sent after both arrive. (This method will save money and trees.)

The initial readers of the manuscripts will be Burnside Review staff members. They will choose between five and ten manuscripts as finalists to be passed on to the judge for selection of the winning collection.

We ask that former students or colleagues of the Burnside Review Chapbook Contest’s judge—as well as any writer whose relationship with the judge constitutes an unfair conflict of interest—refrain from entering the contest. The Burnside Review staff reserves the right to disqualify entries deemed conflicts of interest and will return those entry fees.

At no time will the judge have the names of the finalists.

Winner will receive 25 copies of the chapbook printed by Burnside Review Press and a cash prize of $200-.

All questions happily answered by e-mail:

Martha Ronk is the Irma and Jay Price professor of English at Occidental College. Her poetry books include Why/Why Not, Eyetrouble, State of Mind, and Vertigo, winner of the 2006 National Poetry Series. A 2006 National Endowment for the Arts Fellow, her poetry has been widely published in journals and magazines. She lives in Los Angeles.

2nd annual Ronald Wardall Poetry Chapbook Contest

8 April 2009

$150.00 and 75 copies published by Rain Mountain Press

Deadline July 1, 2009

Send $20.00 reading fee and up to 30 pages of poetry to:

Rain Mountain Press
68 East Third Street, Suite 16
New York, NY 10003