Diverse Voices Quarterly Call for Submissions

20 April 2009

www.diversevoicesquarterly.com is a new online literary journal looking for submissions from all walks of life.

Deadline for consideration into the first issue is MAY 1, 2009.

Submission guidelines are:

Poetry: 3-5 poems, 40 lines MAX. Please send in one file, separated by a page break between poems.

Short stories: 3,000 words MAX. You may submit up to two short shorts that add up to 1,000 words. If sending two shorts, please send two separate files.

Personal essays/creative nonfiction: 3,000 words MAX. Send only one essay at a time.

Artwork accepted in .jpg or .png format. Send only two images at a time.

–Simultaneous submissions are accepted but multiple submissions are not.
–We will not read any material previously published online; this includes works published in other online journals or from any message board or blogs.
–While we will read submissions from everyone, the work MUST BE in English.
–Be sure to include your last name and type of submission in the subject line (Example: Kaling – Short Story Submission).
–Include a cover letter, a short bio, and your complete contact information in the body of the e-mail.
–Only attachments are accepted, either as MS Word (.doc or .rtf) or WordPerfect (.wpd) files. Pasted-in submissions WILL BE deleted.
–Send your submissions to: submit@diversevoicesquarterly.com

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