The Bridge Poetry Contest 2009

27 April 2009

Entry Rules

First annual poetry contest and fundraiser.

Featured subject of poems: Homelessness or Humanitarianism.

Submit up to 3 poems.
Entry fee = $20 (US) for 1-3 poems.

Multiple subs okay with entry fee for each entry. Mailed subs only. Checks or money orders only, no cash. Free verse preferred. Experimental poems welcome. No porno or rough language will be considered.

Use a standard font such as: Times New Roman, limit 50 lines maximum for each poem. One poem per page with continued poem on 2 page only. Keep line length to no more than 50 – 60 (characters) per line. Use 8 1/2″ x 11″
letter page. Submit up to 3 poems total in a submission, limited to a maximum of 6 pages. Also include a sheet with your name, address, phone number, email (if available) and a short bio (half page max). Poems must be
original work. Unpublished poems preferred but will accept published with permission from publisher in writing accompanying the submission. 1st Place = $400, 2nd Place = $200, 3rd Place = $100

Honorable Mention winners will be posted on “The Bridge” webpage only. Make check or Money Order payable
to : The Bridge.

Mail to
The Bridge
c /o Judy Kirkley
P.O. Box 700383
Dallas, Texas 75370

Questions only:
Deadline: May 1, 2009

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