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31 May 2009


1. Up to 3 previously unpublished stories, 5,000-word limit
2. Text must be typed, 12pt. font, double-spaced, one-sided
3. Cover sheet with name, address, phone, e-mail, titles and word counts
4. No name or address anywhere on manuscripts
5. SASE for contest notification only – manuscripts will be recycled
6. Entry fee: $15 per story
7. Checks (USD ONLY) made out to Manhattanville – INKWELL


1. Up to 5 previously unpublished poems, 40-line limit per poem
2. Only typed entries will be considered; 12pt. font
3. Cover sheet with name, address, phone, e-mail, titles and line counts
4. No name or address anywhere on manuscript(s)
5. SASE for contest notification only – manuscripts will be recycled
6. $10 for first poem, $5 per each additional poem
7. Checks (USD ONLY) payable to Manhattanville – INKWELL

NOTE: Indicate Poetry or Fiction Competition on envelope.
If submitting to both Poetry and Fiction Competitions, please use separate envelopes.

Submissions not adhering to the above guidelines will not be considered.

Mail to:
INKWELL – Manhattanville College
2900 Purchase Street
Purchase, NY 10577

Postmarked between August 1 and October 30, 2009

Miami University Novella Contest

31 May 2009

The novella form has had a long and distinguished place in American literature, and has triumphed in the hands of Herman Melville, Henry James, Katherine Anne Porter, Stanley Elkin, Cynthia Ozick, Jane Smiley, Toni Morrison, Philip Roth, Saul Bellow, William Gass, John Gardner, Andrea Barrett and Tobias Wolff, to name just a few.

As commercial publishers are driven more and more by marketplace concerns, novellas, by nature of their length, often fall between the cracks of short story collections and novels and wind up being published—if at all—not as individual volumes but as part of a collection of stories. Because the form is such a pleasure for readers and writers alike—short enough to be read at a single sustained sitting, but long enough to allow the writer greater freedom in character and plot development than does the short story—we are happy to present a rare venue for publishing individual novellas as stand-alone volumes.

Manuscripts submitted for the award will be read and evaluated by our creative writingfaculty, all of whom are active publishing writers. The manuscripts will be read “blind;” in other words, all identifiers will be stripped from the pages before the manuscripts are read, and the author’s history of previous publication will not be available to readers. Each year a different member of our faculty will serve as the final judge and will decide from among the list of finalists submitted by the other readers.

Students, former students, faculty, former faculty, or anyone connected to Miami University will not be considered for the award. Though we believe strongly in the talent of those we have worked with and taught, we will do everything we can to assure that this prize is administered impartially, fairly, and without regard to association.

Miami University Press is a non-profit organization. Though we are requiring an entrance fee (currently $25), we wish to make it clear that this money will be used to pay for the administrative costs of the contest, to help with the costs of publishing a book of high quality, and to allow each entrant to receive a copy of the winning volume. We want that book to be a pleasure to hold in the hands and to read. The winning volume will be distributed nationwide.

Submission rules and guidelines:

Below are general guidelines for the contest.

Entries for the 2009 contest must be postmarked by October 2, 2009.

Submit manuscripts, 18,000–40,000 words, with two title pages: one with author’s name, address and phone number, one without. Author’s name must not appear elsewhere. Word count must be included on title page.

Reading fee U.S. $25, payable to Miami University Press (check or money order; no cash or credit cards).

Winning entry receives $1,000 and book publication.

All entrants receive copy of winning book.

Mail to:
MU Press Novella Prize
English Department
356 Bachelor Hall
Miami University,
Oxford, OH 45056


31 May 2009


PO Box 2018, Cordova, TN 38088
PHONE: 901-309-3692;


Work can be unpublished or published. Money award entries (and selected finalists if permission is given) will be published in Grandmother Earth XVI. Rights to previously published work must belong to the author. No profanity or new age material will be accepted.

Poetry Awards
Any subject, Any form, 50-line limit

$100 First Prize
$75 Second Prize
$50 Third Prize
$25 Fourth Prize

Prose Awards
Any subject, fiction or non-fiction, 2000-word limit

$100 First Prize
$75 Second Prize
$35 Third Prize

Additional Awards: $50, 1st Place; $35, second place; $25, third place

1. Best Haiku, Senryu, or up to 6 lines short form
2. Best use of Humor, Poetry or Prose
3. Environmental theme, Poetry or Prose

1. To enter general awards, submit one typed copy (standard font) of each poem (single space) or prose piece (double space) with no identification.
2. Send one copy with name and address in upper right corner. Both poetry and prose should be single spaced on this identified copy. Staple and number multiple pages.
3. Enclose an entry page with your name, address, phone number, email address, if applicable, and title of all entries and amount of fees enclosed. Include 25-30 words of biographical data. Indicate whether any or all entries are to be considered for publication if a non-money winner. All rights are returned to the author after publication. Send SASE for return of art or photo or for winners’ list.
4. In upper left corner of an extra copy indicate if your work is to be considered for a specific additional award—if entering same work for both general and additional awards there is no extra fee.
5. Place all entries with no identification in one stack and all with names in another stack. Staple multiple pages of prose and poetry and put the page number in the upper right hand corner of each copy.
6. Fees are $10 for 1-3 entries and $2 for each additional entry. (Make checks payable to Grandmother Earth.) All entrants will receive one copy of Grandmother Earth .XV–Retail: $9.95. All whose work is published will receive one extra copy. See Student Rules on website for new guidelines. Work previously published in any Grandmother Earth publication is not eligible for awards.There is no fee for art or photography and payment is a contributor’s copy, except for the special award.
7. Mail entries postmarked by July 15, 2009 to GEC CONTEST CHAIRPERSON, PO Box 2018, Cordova, TN 38088. Notify us of any change in address after mailing entries.


31 May 2009

Judge: Debra Marquart


MANUSCRIPTS should include a title page with the author’s name, address, phone number, and e-mail address; an acknowledgment page listing previously published poems; a table of contents, 48–64 pages of original poetry; and an SASE for reply or return of manuscript. Manuscripts should be unbound, typed, pages numbered, and name should appear on title page only. Clear photocopies and computer print-outs are acceptable. We will consider simultaneous submissions, but ask that you notify us if your manuscript is accepted elsewhere.

PRIZE: In addition to publication and the $1,000 cash prize, the winner also receives 25 copies and a foreword by the finalist judge.

ELIGIBILITY: Open to all poets, with or without previous book publication. Students and friends of the judge are not eligible for this year’s competition.

$20 ENTRY FEE includes a copy of the winning book. All other proceeds go to the continuing publication of Pearl.

JUDGING: The selection of manuscripts for final judging will be made by the editors of Pearl. All entries are read anonymously.

SUBMISSION PERIOD: May 1 – July 15th postmark. The winner will be announced and manuscripts returned after the first of next year.

SEND SUBMISSIONS TO: Pearl Poetry Prize, 3030 E. Second Street, Long Beach, CA 90803; checks made payable to Pearl

The Akron Series Poetry Prize

31 May 2009

The Akron Series in Poetry was founded to bring to the public writers who speak in original and compelling voices. Each year, The University of Akron Press offers the Akron Poetry Prize, a competition open to all poets writing in English. The winning poet receives $1,000 and publication of his or her book. The final selection will be made by a nationally prominent poet. The final judge for 2009 is Martín Espada. Other manuscripts may also be considered for publication in the series.

Guidelines for Submission
1. Manuscripts must be typed and consecutively numbered, for a total length of at least 48 pages. Clear photocopies are acceptable. Please, do not send manuscripts bound or enclosed in covers.

2. Manuscripts must include a cover page (with author’s name, address, phone number, and manuscript title), a title page (with no biographical information), and an acknowledgments page listing poems previously published in periodicals. Please do not submit manuscripts that have the author’s name on each page. Manuscripts go to the final judge blind.

3. Manuscripts must be postmarked between May 1 and June 15 of each year. Simultaneous submissions are permitted, but The University of Akron Press must be notified immediately if the manuscript is accepted elsewhere.

4. An entry fee of $25 is required for each manuscript submission. Make check or money order payable to The University of Akron Press. The cancelled check will serve as notification of receipt.

5. Contest results will be posted on our website by September 30. No manuscripts can be returned.

6. Books accepted for the Akron Series in Poetry must exhibit three essential qualities: mastery of language, maturity of feeling, and complexity of thought. The University of Akron Press is committed to publishing poetry that, as Robert Frost said, “begins in delight and ends in wisdom.” Intimate friends, relatives, current and former students of the final judge (students in an academic, degree-conferring program or its equivalent) are not eligible to enter the 2009 Akron Poetry Prize competition.

Send manuscripts to:
The Akron Poetry Prize
The University of Akron Press
Akron, OH 44325-1703

Further Information:
For further questions on the submission of manuscripts to the UAP poetry series, contact:

Series Editor Mary Biddinger
University of Akron Press
Akron, OH 44325-1703