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Milwaukee Irish Fest POETRY CONTEST 2009

25 July 2009

Milwaukee Irish Fest is now accepting submissions for the Donn Goodwin and Joseph Gahagen Poetry Prizes.

The Donn Goodwin prize is named after a Wisconsin poet, linguist, and educator who was active in supporting Irish and Irish-American writing and poetry. An award of $100 will be given to the winning poem. This contest is open to all.

The Joseph Gahagan prize of $100 will be awarded in memory of the man who served as poetry consultant to Irish Fest for many years and was a lecturer in the English department of the University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee. Only current residents of Wisconsin are eligible for this prize.

The awards will be given to the entries best reflecting Irish or Irish-American poetry traditions. While the poems do not necessarily need to have direct Irish or Irish-American themes, the winning entries should have a cultural/literary relation to either Ireland or Irish-America.

Submission Rules

Each contestant should submit no more than one poem; however, Wisconsin residents may submit one poem for each contest.

Entries must be received between June 15 and August 1, 2009. All entries must be typewritten and mailed. No handwritten,faxed, or e-mail submissions will be accepted.

Each entry should have a cover sheet that contains the poet’s name, address, telephone number, and/or FAX and/or e-mail address. It should indicate whether the poem is being submitted for the Goodwin or for the Gahagan Prize, and it should be stapled to the entry. The poet’s name or other identifying information should not appear on the poem.

Each entry should be the poet’s original work and should not have appeared previously in any publication.

No entries will be returned. Contestants are urged to keep copies of their submissions and to put a clear return address on the envelope in case of non-delivery.

Send entries to Irish Fest Poetry Contests, c/o Milwaukee Irish Fest, 1532 Wauwatosa Avenue, Wauwatosa, WI 53213. The deadline is August 1, 2009.

Winners will be announced on the Hedge School stage at Irish Fest at 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, August 16, during the poetry events. All entrants who are present will be invited to read their poems. The names of the winning poems and poets will be posted on the Irish Fest Web site ( by September 1 , 2009. Winners who are within the Milwaukee area during this year’s Irish Fest (August 13-16 ) will be notified by August 10 and will be sent free tickets and invited to read their poems at the Fest. Irish Fest is held on the Maier Festival Grounds (Summerfest) on the lakefront in downtown Milwaukee.

Microfiction/Prose Poetry Anthology – Call for Submissions

25 July 2009

I am co-editing a microfiction and prose poetry anthology with Jan Fortune-Wood at Cinnamon Press, and we are calling for submissions on any subject, under 600 words per piece. It is free to submit your work, and you may submit as many pieces as you wish. The anthology is due to be published in 2010. See below for more details.
Submission Call

We are looking for pieces of microfiction, sometimes called short short fiction or flash fiction, and pieces of prose poetry that tell a story in under 600 words. There is no minimum word limit.

Microfiction and prose poetry are very short prose pieces that harness a poetic world but still contain a story with a beginning, middle and end, and imply a lot more than their small structure can contain. They are flashes of something – an epiphany, perhaps – that often subvert expectation and work in a minimal structure. Some argue that there is a definitive boundary between prose poetry and microfiction, but you may submit either for this publication.

You may submit as many pieces as you wish, and those chosen will appear in a new Cinnamon microfiction and prose anthology to be published in late 2010, co-edited by Holly Howitt and Jan Fortune-Wood.

Submission Guidelines

Please read these carefully. Due to the large volume of submissions expected we will only be able to process those submissions that conform to the guidelines.

The deadline for submissions is 15th August 2009. Each piece must be no longer than 600 words. There is no minimum length.

Pieces can be on any subject and you may send several pieces, but please submit them as a single word attachment using a .doc or .rtf format.

You may not submit pieces that have been previously published in book form, but you may submit pieces that have been published online or in journals/magazines, as long as you own full copyright.

Submit pieces to both me at, and Jan Fortune-Wood: with `microfiction anthology’ in the subject line. In the body of the email please type your name and location. Do not submit pieces to my personal email or as a comment on this post.

Submissions without virus protection will not be opened and read so please ensure your virus protection is up to date. We hope to inform everyone who has sent a submission of which pieces will be included by late November 2009. Please ensure that you inform us if your email address changes after sending the submission, or if you wish to withdraw a piece.

The decisions of the editors are final. All those whose work is selected will receive a copy of the anthology.

ART from ART Anthology

25 July 2009

Deadline for submissions: 7/31/09

This collection of short fiction by literary writers aims to feature stories that are connected directly to—or inspired by—a work of art. It could be a song, a painting, a museum, an architectural monument, a blueprint, a piece of writing—a play, novel, poem, letter, etc. The art in question needs to be a major component of the story—a character—within the fabric of the story. Perhaps the idea will be inspired by an event from life or maybe it will be something completely fabricated.

All genres welcome. ART from ART will bring new and established voices and ideas to a fine collection of fiction. I aim to have the art featured on a page either at the beginning or the end of each story—a visual correlative that will enhance the experience. Submit your story and a brief bio via email to Stephen Soucy at Please follow standard submission guidelines (Microsoft Word Document with 12-point font).

Payscale for this project is $100 for the right to publish each author’s story in the anthology, and two copies of the finished book. I’m finding that stories between 2000-5000 words are working best. I’m really looking for a story with a completely developed narative and with finely drawn characters. I’m not looking for a brief 2-page piece, and I’m not open to poetry at this time.


Cartier Street Review Call for Submissions

25 July 2009

Call for Submissions for October 09 issue of The Cartier Street Review. We are considering one print edition yearly now. The Cartier is a quarterly online modern poetry magazine that also accepts art. Please send up to five pieces with a short bio of no more than 35 words. The Cartier Street Review accepts contemporary poetry, articles on contemporary poetry, short prose, poet interviews and poetry and book reviews. We feature emerging and recognized writers alongside overlooked voices. Cartier is international literary magazine and will publish in other languages alongside translation if desired. Please include what type submission in the subject line.

Please query if any questions regarding our interest. We will try to answer all queries in a timely manner.
This is an online quarterly journal that in the future may consider one print edition per year.
No more than 5 submissions per person.

Send submissions to