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31 August 2009

Firstlinefiction is dedicated to the art of writing short fiction. Our aim is to facilitate and promote the creation of short fiction through competitive writing contests.

In order to motivate the firstlinefiction community, we will host periodic writing contests in which the contributing writers will choose the winners. Each contest will provide a unique first line which contributing writers will use to create their own short story. After the submission deadline, the contributing writers will be responsible for providing feedback on other’s stories in order to identify the community favorites. These favorites will be awarded cash prizes.

It is our view that the traditional fiction model does not do enough to facilitate the creation of short fiction. While some contests and publications provide a great selection of contemporary short fiction, they do little to promote the production of fiction from their audience. The process of submitting and being published may not utilize internet technology and the selection process is usually very guarded. Those that submit are often fulfilling a personal desire with no real expectation of success or constructive feedback.

FirstLineFiction offers a unique alternative; a contest that motivates writers with a first line, deadline, transparent evaluation and prizes. We believe this extra motivation assists writers in taking the difficult first step of participating in our contest and producing topnotch fiction. In addition, our evaluation process through peer review offers a level of transparency that cannot be found elsewhere. We believe that it is this accessibility that sets us apart. Monthly Contest

31 August 2009 – submit a story with a word limit of 1500 words, deadline 30th September. This is the first competition on a new site, so chances of winning are high! Uses Paypal so international entries welcomed. There is a £50 cash prize, and points given which allow you to rise up the ladder (the main concept). By earning more points you can become a paid critter and finally a paid competition judge.

Entries costs £2.

Call for Submissions Anthology

31 August 2009

Working Title: And Then It Shifted: Women Open Up About Leaving Men for Women (Seal Press, 2010)

2,000-4,000 words

Payment: Upon publication. Amount will vary, depending on experience and other variables ($50 and up). Please include a list of any previous publication credits with your query or submission. Contributors will also receive two copies of the published book.

Deadline: December 1, 2009. That said, we strongly encourage you to send us a query well beforehand, so that we can review it, give you helpful feedback, and have a good sense of what will be coming our way that month. If you are able to submit the piece earlier, we prefer that you do.

Editors: Candace Walsh and Laura André. Candace Walsh is the editor of the recently released anthology Ask Me About My Divorce: Women Open Up About Moving On (

Although this book will evolve as we receive submissions, we welcome first-person essays from women

1) who were aware that they had always felt robust same-sex desires, but wanted to try to make it work in the straight world, and also

2) who identified as heterosexual at one time, but found that the situation they were in just naturally led to embarking on an intimate romantic relationship with a woman.

We seek a diversity of voices, and welcome submissions from a variety of perspectives.

We also welcome essays from women who don’t fit precisely into the above descriptions.

As editors, we value specificity, detail, “showing, not telling,” honesty, epiphanies, clean, polished, yet real and un-prettied-up writing, and the sharing of insights.

Please send your submission (Word document, double-spaced), along with a short bio and full contact information to:

More Information is available at