Career Transition Contest

4 December 2009

Tell the story of a person who has been through career transition. It could be from school to the workforce, position to position, or from career to career.

Capture their victories, failures and emotions, and distill their lessons to assist others who might seek to learn from their experience. Your story should be fresh, original, insightful, and engaging.

Here are just a few themes to explore:

1. Finding your place in the world
2. Taking the path less traveled
3. Grappling with conflicting values
4. Balancing work and life
5. Overcoming fear
6. Dealing with rejection
7. Balancing obligations to our family with our obligation to ourselves
8. Dealing with the emotions of career transition

Share your perspective on their story.

The Prize

The winning entry as judged by WorkLifeGroup will win US$500. We’re aiming to identify writers all from over the globe to write for us on an ongoing basis; to join WorkLifeGroup as contributing writers (paying gigs, naturally!).

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