Xomba Synopsis Contest

4 December 2009

Pitch Xomba A Story Contest

Have you always dreamed of being a fiction writer?

Have you been writing fiction book after fiction book hoping to someday get published?

Give us a synopsis of your book and we may be able to help make your dreams come true!

The Xomba team will pick four of the best written and most captivating synopsis’ to win!

Is fiction your forte? Prove it and let Xomba guide you on the path to success!

Contest Rules:

Ends: January 18th @ Midnight
Word Limit: Must be between 300 and 1500 words
How To Enter: Post your book synopsis as a Xombyte and make sure to add the tag “Xomba Pitch Contest”.
Number of Entries: 1 entry for this contest!
Language: Every entry must be in English.


1st Place 30-minute conversation with the New York Times Best Seller, Steve Alten. You will discuss with him your book synopsis and how to go about getting your idea published and a Free Xomba T-shirt
2nd Place $200
3rd Place $100
4th Place T-shirt

Don’t quite know what a book synopsis is? Click here.

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