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9 April 2010

We always have a contest running! During each contest we provide a prompt (the beginning of a story, a theme, a picture, anything!) and entrants write a short story inspired by it. Entrants e-mail their submissions to us, and our judges select the best. The winner is awarded a cash prize, no strings attached. It’s free, and anyone can enter. So what are you waiting for? We’d love to read your story. Check out our current contest!

Current Contest Prompt:

The city was a distant smudge of light against a dark landscape. Here, away from it all, crickets sang and the breeze rustled the tall grass. Well, they would have, ordinarily, but it was raining. The crickets were silent, and the grass too heavy with water to make a sound. Thomas waited patiently in his old truck with one knee propped against the steering wheel and his small yellow dog curled on the seat beside him. The highway stretched out to his right, to the city in one direction, and into the nothingness of the country in the other. To his left was the edge of a dense forest where poplars and a few scrubby pines competed for sunlight. The dog sat up suddenly, a whine somewhere deep in his throat. Something moved in the corner of Thomas’ eye. Someone stood at the edge of the woods, leaning against a tree. Thomas peered through the blur the rain had created on the truck’s window. The figure stepped out of the woods, moving hurriedly towards Thomas’ truck…

Finish the story! (The above paragraph must be the first paragraph of your story.)

Submission Deadline: June 15, 2010

Word Limit: 3,500

Prize: $50 cash, first place

Winner Announced: June 30, 2010

How to Submit an Entry

How are entries judged?

Visit the Creative Writers’ Circle website for more info:

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