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Kelli’s Korner Writing Contests

14 April 2010

Welcome to our ‘kick off’ writing contests! These contests are our way of celebrating our grand opening (date not yet determined) and to award some cash prizes for our lucky winners!

We have 3 writing contests going currently. Each contest pays AT LEAST $50 to the winner guaranteed. However, depending upon how many entries we receive, that prize money may just increase! In addition to a cash prize, the top winners will have their work featured in our newsletter (coming soon) as well as on our website.
Basic contest rules are listed below. To enter into any of our 3 contests, just click on the appropriate link(s) located on the right hand side.


These rules apply to ALL writing contests unless otherwise noted:

All entries must be original works, never published
All entries must be received by midnight PST on the deadline
Entries are submitted via email either pasted into the body of the email or as a word doc.
You can submit as many entries as you’d like but only one entry per email.
Each submission counts as a separate entry and must be covered by the entry fee
You must be 18 years of age to participate
You may participate is as many contests as you’d like
Kelli’s Korner has exclusive rights to the works for 30 days (for publishing purposes on our website and in the newsletter). After 30 days we may still keep the works on our site unless the author specifically asks us to remove it. Conditions may apply. We may want to showcase your work in other ways.


These awards apply to ALL writing contests unless otherwise noted.
All prize monies will be awarded within 24 hours of announcing the winner.
All award monies will be sent via PayPal only.
Winning works will be posted on our website as well as in our newsletter.
Winning authors will be featured with links to their website (if they wish)

Contest deadlines are: May 15, 2010

Visit the website for details on how to enter the Short Story, Word Challenge and Dialogue Challenge Contests at

2010 Professional Writers of Prescott Writing Contest: Fiction, Non-fiction & Poetry

14 April 2010

$10 entry fee, additional $10 fee for critique. First place, $100, second place $50, third place $25 will be awarded in each category. May 29, 2010 postmark deadline.

Winners will be announced by September 15. Winners’ names will be published in the PWP newsletter, on the PWP website, and in general publicity. Winners will also be invited to read their entries at the November PWP meeting in Prescott, AZ.

For an entry form and complete guidelines, see

Call for entries: The Human Interest Project – A contest for inspirational people with inspirational stories

14 April 2010

My name is Echo Brown and I am co-sponsoring a contest with Ryan Bevans. I am a journalist, currently a student at Columbia School of Journalism and Ryan is a photographer. Ryan, a graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography, is a photographer and we are both live in New York.
In 2008, Ryan and I co-founded the Human Interest Project (h.i.p), an online multimedia website that showcases inspirational stories about inspirational people. You can check us out h.i.p here:
We are offering a contest through h.i.p this year that will be giving away a total of $5,000 in cash prizes. It is a writing contest about overcoming adversity. You can find details about the contest on the flyer below or on our website.
We are open to any and all questions. You can contact us at:,, or




Tell Us Your Story!

1. Do you have a story to tell? Describe in detail an obstacle(s) or challenge(s) that you have successfully overcome in your life. (1,000 Words Maximum)
Feel Free to use the Following Questions as Guidelines: How did you overcome the obstacle(s) or challenge(s)? What was your motivation? What did you learn from the obstacle(s) or challenge(s)? What impact did the obstacle(s) or challenge(s) have on your life? Did anyone help you? What would you tell someone who is currently struggling to overcome obstacle(s) or challenge(s)?

2. Or, do you know an inspirational person who did not give up when faced with adversity? What obstacle(s) or challenge(s) did he/she overcome? How did he/she respond to adversity? Tell us about him/her!** (1,000 Words Maximum)


Grand Prize Winner: The Grand Prize Winner will receive $3,000 in cash
First Place Winner: The First Place Winner will receive $1,000 in cash
Second Place Winner: The Second Place Winner will receive $500 in cash
Third Place Winner: The Third Place Winner will receive $300 in cash
Fourth Place Winner: The Fourth Place Winner will receive $200 in cash
Two Honorable Mentions: The Fifth and Sixth Place Winners do not receive a cash prize, but the will be interviewed and showcased on our website.

Entry Fee:
$25 Per Entry

Deadline For Entries:
Entry Deadline: May 31, 2010 ($25 Per Entry)

Late Entry Deadline: June 6, 2010 ($35 Per Entry for Late Entries)

For More Information, visit:
or email:

**Note: If you are nominating someone else, only the nominated person is eligible to receive a cash prize. As the nominator, you are not eligible to receive a cash prize unless you also submit a separate entry nominating yourself.

Call for submission: New journal of travel and places

14 April 2010

World-Weary, a new international journal of travel and places is now seeking submissions. World-Weary will be published in the US, UK, Netherlands, Canada and online at Send all submissions and/or questions to WorldWearyJournal [at] May 10, 2010 is the submission deadline for the inaugural Summer 2010 issue. (Submission guidelines are also available at

About World-Weary:

World-Weary is first and foremost a journal of places. People now travel more than ever, yet there is a dearth of intelligent, thoughtful, long-form writing about the spaces in which people live, work, and visit. Though humans have explored most of this planet, these feats are meaningless unless we are able to create in-depth reflections on our experiences.

Non-fiction literature about people and places will form the majority of the World-Weary’s content, but essays, histories, fiction, interviews, satire, investigations, and other forms of written expression will also be featured.

Why does the world need another literary magazine? Based on our experiences as writers, readers, critics, and journalists, no publication that is currently in circulation meets our personal criteria of consistently attracting the type of talent and stories that we love and continue to pique our interests.

Please see for Submission Guidelines and FAQ’s.

Contact email: