Call for submission: New journal of travel and places

14 April 2010

World-Weary, a new international journal of travel and places is now seeking submissions. World-Weary will be published in the US, UK, Netherlands, Canada and online at Send all submissions and/or questions to WorldWearyJournal [at] May 10, 2010 is the submission deadline for the inaugural Summer 2010 issue. (Submission guidelines are also available at

About World-Weary:

World-Weary is first and foremost a journal of places. People now travel more than ever, yet there is a dearth of intelligent, thoughtful, long-form writing about the spaces in which people live, work, and visit. Though humans have explored most of this planet, these feats are meaningless unless we are able to create in-depth reflections on our experiences.

Non-fiction literature about people and places will form the majority of the World-Weary’s content, but essays, histories, fiction, interviews, satire, investigations, and other forms of written expression will also be featured.

Why does the world need another literary magazine? Based on our experiences as writers, readers, critics, and journalists, no publication that is currently in circulation meets our personal criteria of consistently attracting the type of talent and stories that we love and continue to pique our interests.

Please see for Submission Guidelines and FAQ’s.

Contact email:

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