Smartish Pace, Erskine J. Poetry Prize

16 June 2010

Smartish Pace, Erskine J. Poetry Prize

Winning poet receives $200. Top three poets and all finalists (usually about 10) are published in Smartish Pace. All poems submitted for the prize will be considered for publication.

Submit 3 poems along with a $5 entry fee. Additional poems may be submitted for $1 per poem. No more than 15 poems may be submitted (maximum submission: 15 poems = $5 + $12 = $17).

 Deadline: August 15, 2010.

Stephen Reichert looks forward to reading all of the poems submitted for the Erskine J. Poetry Prize!



Due by: August 15, 2010


Smartish Pace
P.O. Box 22161
Baltimore, MD 21203

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