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16 June 2010

Competitions Page – Free to enter and cash prize competitions for writing stories, blog entries and poems.

Tell Us About Your Writing Experiences – Free to enter

The Competition – Getting to know you.

Do you have a story about your writing experiences? Here at Creative Edge we are looking for stories about the ups and downs of being a writer. It could be your first success story, how you found inspiration or how you faced your writing fears. Complete horror stories, heart felt tear jerkers or hilarious entries are all welcome. Entries can be poems, stories or plays but must not exceed 2000 words. The closing date for this competition is the 25th June 2010.

The Prize – The winning entry will be published on our site and we have a copy of From Pitch To Publication- Everything You Need to Know to Get Your Novel Published by Carole Blake to give away. Enter your submissions on the form below and GOOD LUCK!

Weekly Blog Competition – Free to enter

We run a free blog competition every week. Send us a blog entry and our judges will choose one per week to publish on our writers blog page. We are looking for a range of blogs so whatever the subject of your blog we will consider it for our page. You can include a small blurb about yourself and a link to your regular blog site on the submission, which will be included on the published webpage.

Poetry Competition
The Competition
Our first competition will be a poetry contest open to all types of poetry. The judges are looking for new fresh material that shows creative work at its best. Please do not be frightened to challenge ideas or break boundaries for this contest. The theme for this contest is music and all submissions should include a sentence or two explaining which song or piece of music has inspired this poem. You can submit one poem per person and we remind you that we will not publish unsuitable language on this site.

The Prize
You will receive an email if you have been selected to enter the final round of judging. The winner of this competition will receive an email outlining the judges thoughts on your poem and £30.00. The poem will be placed on our Featured Work page and your name will appear in our Hall of Fame.

To Enter
This competition costs £3.00 to enter. Payments can be made via PayPal. Complete the payment process below and send us your full name, age, email address and your submission below. Deadline for this competition is 30th June 2010. Good luck everyone!

Visit the website for details and to enter:

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