Free Writing Contest – “Summer Nights”

24 June 2010

What do the words summer nights conjure up for you?
Besides the famous Grease musical, there’s so much more that summer nights are good for. Full of romance, adventure, freedom from school and running around with friends, summer nights are what we look back on fondly and look forward to with longing. Share your summer nights –whether real or not – with other members! For this writing contest, all genres are welcome! There are no page limits in this contest – so feel free to write as long or as short as you like. You may enter more than one book in the contest, but an author can only have one book in the top ten. Get ready quick because this contest is only one month long!

Of course, we have wonderful prizes to give out: $800 for first place; $500 for second place; and $300 for third place.


Community Voting – June 7, 2010, to July 7, 2010

Jury Voting– July 7, 2010, to July 21, 2010

Not ready to join in? You can still help your fellow BookRixers by reading their contest books and voting for your favorite stories. Our readers choose the top ten stories, which then will be reviewed by our independent jury. In addition, we will have a certain number of wildcards in this contest. That means that not only the top ten stories with the highest amount of votes will be given to the jury, but also some good books (without as many votes as the top ten) will go to the jury. You also could win prizes for voting — when you vote, you enter into a raffle to win one of ten Amazon gift cards worth $20.

$1,600.00 in cash prizes for authors.

10 Amazon gift cards each worth $20 for 10 randomly-selected readers.

Visit the website for contest details:

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