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100 Words or Fewer Writing Contest

27 October 2010


100 Words or Fewer Writing Contest

Contest Number Six

September 18, 2010—December 18, 2010


  1. We are continuing with four opportunities to win. First prize winner will receive $500. Runner up prizes will be $150, $100, and $50.
  2. For Contest Six, story subjects are up to you, with attention to specifications on the “WHAT WE WANT…”  page. Do take a good look at “TIPS” on that page.

Visit the website for details:

Call for Submissions ANew Literary Website

27 October 2010

We aren’t picky.  Well, kind of.  But not really.
You want to be paid for your writing.  All writers do.  We want you to be in our marketplace.  It’s poor economics to not have inventory.  Let’s meet in the middle.

Whatever your genre (if you have one), it has to get past our editor.  That means it has to be good.  A good story sucks in readers whether it’s about goblins or your high school prom. 

We appreciate, respect, and wish to reward the time it takes to hone the craft of good writing.  After years of submissions and rejections, it can start to feel like editors aren’t even reading your work.  Don’t send us your hard-luck biography.  Just send us amazing work so that we can sell it, you can brag about it, and people can read it.  If your work needs work, we’ll let you know, and we’ll be open to keeping in touch. 

Visit the website:,


 email submissions directly to

The Warren Adler Short Story Contest

27 October 2010

The Warren Adler Short Story Contest is the most prestigious international short story contest online thanks to the extraordinary literary quality of our submissions. The theme is short fiction in all of its varied genres. We are looking for original, imaginative pieces featuring compelling characters and creative plots. Your story entry can be mainstream fiction, romance, horror, fantasy, science-fiction, satire, mystery, or any of their subcategories.

The top 15 winners will be published on Kindle and Amazon exclusively in what we hope will be an annual Short Story Anthology.

Entries must not exceed 2,500 words. We will only accept stories submitted using our web form (see Pay Now button below), no exceptions.

Stories from all the points of the globe will be considered provided that they are written in English. The Grand Prize will be $1,000.

The People’s Choice winners will be determined by public voting. Cash prizes and publication will be awarded for those stories chosen as “Honorable Mention.”

  • 1st Prize: $1,000
  • People’s Choice Prize: $500
  • Remaining finalists: $50 each
  • Honorable mentions: $25 each

Authors retain worldwide publishing rights.

Contest is open for worldwide entries from October 15, 2010 until January 15, 2011.

A $15 fee in advance is required for each story submission.

When you are ready to submit your story, make your payment to proceed to the story submission form. Each story must be written in English, previously unpublished and no longer than 2,500 words.

Good luck to all. We look forward to reading your work.

A Call for Creepy Halloween Tweets

27 October 2010

Bestselling author and former Booker Prize judge Frank Delaney is hosting a Halloween Writing Challenge on Twitter. From Monday, October 25 to Wednesday, October 27, he’s challenging people to introduce the creepiest character possible in 140 creepy characters. Please enter! (Don’t forget to include the hash tag #FDcreepy in your tweet.) You just might win a secret creepy prize picked by Frank Delaney.

Full rules are here:

As inspiration, Frank offers up a creepy character sketch: a handsome all-star athlete…but every time he opens his mouth to speak, ants pour out.

Frank Delaney is the best-selling author of “Ireland” and most recently “Venetia Kelly’s Traveling Show” and a former BBC broadcaster. He tweets daily writing tips at @FDbytheWord, and broadcasts “Re:Joyce” on his website and iTunes. It’s a free weekly podcast in which he goes line by line through James Joyce’s “Ulysses;” the project will take him an estimated 23 years.
Please enter the Halloween Writing Challenge as many times as you like, and get creepy!

Call for Submissions: Here Come the Brides! The Brave New World of Lesbian Marriage (Seal Press, 2012)

27 October 2010

Call for Submissions: Here Come the Brides! The Brave New World of Lesbian Marriage (Seal Press, 2012)
2,000-4,000 words
Editors: Audrey Bilger and Michele Kort. Audrey Bilger is the Faculty Director of the Writing Center and Associate  Professor of Literature at Claremont McKenna College. Michele Kort is Senior Editor at Ms. magazine, a freelance writer, and author of three books (including Soul Picnic: The Music and Passion of Laura Nyro).
Same-sex marriage is obviously a hot topic these days, and we want to look specifically at the lesbian side of the equation. Given the secondary status of women throughout much of the globe, bonds between women—particularly intimate connections—can redefine the political landscape as well as the domestic realm. Anna and Eve don’t get as much press as Adam and Steve, but they’re potentially more threatening to the status quo.
Here Come the Brides will primarily cover legal marriages, but also lesbian commitment ceremonies in locales where the legal status of gay marriage is still up for grabs. We hope the book will be able to represent a diversity of points of view in terms of race, class, ethnicity and geography, and incorporate transgender perspectives. Although the book will be generally upbeat about lesbian marriage, we’d also like viewpoints from those who are opposed to either being married themselves or who have issues with the institution or the politics of same-sex marriage.
We’re looking for a variety of material: primarily first-person essays, but also secondhand observations, bridesmaid/mother-of-the-bride/etc. stories, and even analytical pieces (as long as they’re written in an accessible style). We’re open to graphic essays/cartoons as well, and we’re eager to see lesbian wedding ephemera: great photos, invitations, newspaper wedding announcements, vows, guest favors.
Needless to say, we’re looking for terrific writing—colorful, moving, funny, surprising, insightful. We can imagine essays that cover a lesbian marriage from soup to nuts, but we think it’s more likely, given the word limitation, that it might be best to focus on a certain aspect of lesbian marriage or of your particular wedding—at least as an organizing principle. Here are some questions to think about; perhaps one or more will inspire a resonant tale:
What made you decide to get married? How significant was legalization in your state/country in your decision? How/who popped the question? What trepidations did you have about marriage? What does marriage mean to you/what doubts do you have about the institution? How is marriage the same/different for a lesbian couple? How did your families handle the news? Was there any particular joy or heartbreak about someone who did or did not support your wedding? What was the planning process for your wedding? Was it a fancy affair, or just a trip to the courthouse? Did you have a best man/woman or bridesmaids/bridesmen? Do you have children, and were they involved in the wedding? Do you have a good story about your wedding outfits? About the ceremony/reception? Who did you invite? If you’re an interracial couple, did that bring out issues beyond your lesbian connection? Same question if one or both of you is transgender. Was your wedding traditional—or did you purposefully try to “queer” it? Did you write your vows? Did you put out an announcement in the newspaper? Did you go on a honeymoon? What do you call your spouse? How has lesbian wedded life met/exceeded/confounded your expectations? Does your relationship feel different since you married? Has marriage made you more/less radical about LGBT issues? 
Deadline for submissions: January 30, 2011. Please consider running your ideas past us before you plunge into writing. We also encourage early submissions.
For more information, see our blog at

Please email submissions and inquiries to:

A Very Short Story Writing Competition

27 October 2010

Deadline: 30 November 2010

The aim of this competition is to provide a platform for writers to expose their talents for telling a big tale in a small way. Each story must be no longer than a 1000 words. Any theme or genre accepted. 

The winning story will receive £50 and will be published on this website.

Fee per entry is £4

As William Shakespeare said “All the world’s a stage”. Now is the time to write…   

 Visit the website for details:

Call For Submissions: Anthology about real-life “bad date” experiences

27 October 2010

Call For Submissions

Editors are soliciting individual nonfiction accounts for an anthology about real-life “bad date” experiences.  Did you date have terrible manners?  Overshared?  Drank too much?  Or was there just a series of bad events?  Your entries should be between 200 and 800 words in length, and give a quick but detailed overview of the most uncanny, strange, humorous, embarrassing or downright awful encounter you’ve ever had while on a date. 
Entries accepted for publication will be collected in an anthology of brief tales about experiences with the dating world, published in eBook form.  Unless you request to remain anonymous, your name and city of residence will be included with your accepted story.  Please understand that the editors may make slight changes to the length, vocabulary, and/or title of your story; however, if your piece is chosen for the anthology, the general content and meaning will remain the same.

Email submissions to:

Stage of Life Monthly Student Writing Contest

27 October 2010

Name of Contest:  Stage of Life Monthly Student Writing Contest

Description: features a monthly writing contest for high school and college students dealing with real world issues.  Our short essay (500 words or less) writing contest has been featured on,, FoxBusiness and other media outlets.  Past contests have dealt with the Gulf Oil Spill, America’s relationship to food and the obesity epidemic, education improvement, stress management for teens, etc.  This student writing competition is a non-fiction, memoir, blogging, essay-style contest for teenagers in high school or young adults in college.
Awards:  Cash or Gift Card prize from a national merchant (value of $25 or more) is issued each month to the winning essayist, along with Stage of Life SWAG (T-Shirt, Pen). also sends out a PR Newswire press release about each contest, naming the winner.  Example:  This particular press release resulted in a feature story about the winner that’s being written for a metro newspaper paper in CT.

Entry Fee:  None

Deadline:  Monthly.  Essay for current contest topic is due the last day of each month by 12am PST.

Web Site URL: 
–Master site domain: 
–Contest url – High School:
–Contest url – College:

The Canadian Short Screenplay Competition

27 October 2010

The Canadian Short Screenplay Competition, administered by Year of the Skunk Productions (Regina), established in 2008, has been hailed as the premiere screenwriting contest for short film scripts. CSSC is the single-most competitive, prestigious, short screenplay festival in Canada, a champion for literacy and screenwriters everywhere and a launching pad for writers’ professional careers; winners are announced as part of the Golden Sheaf Awards gala as part of the oldest film festival in North America, the Yorkton Film Festival.

2010 Important Dates and Deadlines:
Kick-off deadline: September 30, 2010
Early-Bird deadline: October 31, 2010
Half-Time deadline: November 30, 2010
Final deadline: December 31, 2010
I-Missed-The-Deadline deadline: January 31, 2011

Visit the website for details:

Sol Books Prose Contest

27 October 2010

Sol Books grants one annual award for a novels and collection of short stories or essays. The winning entry will receive a standard royalty contract, with a $500 advance.

Finalists may also be offered a publishing contract.

* Submit at least 30,000 words of prose (fiction or nonfiction) without any identifying information appearing on the manuscript.
* Entry should be typed and double-spaced
* Entry can be of any style, form, or theme
* Portions of the entry may be previously published as long as entrant retains copyrights to the work and provides proper acknowledgements
* Entry may be simultaneously submitted; however, Sol Books must be notified if the submitted collection is accepted for publication elsewhere
* Postmark date: November 30th, 2010
* $15 Reading Fee, payable to Skywater Publishing Company
* Completed entry form
* Complete manuscript, without any contact information

Skywater Publishing\Sol Books
Prose Contest
398 Goodrich Ave
St. Paul MN 55102

We can (and prefer) to receive manuscripts electronically, which will save you postage. Email your ms. as a Word compatible attachment to, or submit with your payment and entry form, using the address above.

All entries will be reviewed by a panel of judges, with the winning entry and finalists being announced in April, 2011.

For complete guidelines, visit our website:

The International Rubery Book Award

27 October 2010

Judges include Booker short listed author Clare Morrall, poet Jeff Phelps, children’s authors Ann Evans and Simon Cheshire, and former Birmingham Poet Laureate and non-fiction writer, Chris Morgan.

1st Prize £800 (approx 1,270 US $, 963 € )
The winning book will also be read by a top literary agent from MBA
2nd prize £150 (approx 240 US $, 180 €)
3rd prize £50 (approx 80 US $, 60 €)

Closing date: March 31, 2011

We are now accepting submissions

Visit the website for details: