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27 October 2010

We aren’t picky.  Well, kind of.  But not really.
You want to be paid for your writing.  All writers do.  We want you to be in our marketplace.  It’s poor economics to not have inventory.  Let’s meet in the middle.

Whatever your genre (if you have one), it has to get past our editor.  That means it has to be good.  A good story sucks in readers whether it’s about goblins or your high school prom. 

We appreciate, respect, and wish to reward the time it takes to hone the craft of good writing.  After years of submissions and rejections, it can start to feel like editors aren’t even reading your work.  Don’t send us your hard-luck biography.  Just send us amazing work so that we can sell it, you can brag about it, and people can read it.  If your work needs work, we’ll let you know, and we’ll be open to keeping in touch. 

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