Videojug Page Makers Writing Competition

2 November 2010

November online writing contest – $3,000 prize fund
This competition is to find skilled and prolific writers of non-fiction content. The competition is hosted by Videojug Pages, a new knowledge & revenue-sharing website that has a growing writers’ community who write & publish hundreds of informative new Pages each week on
The aim of Videojug Pages is to create a vibrant website that allows skilled writers to share what they know & love (i.e. their favourite pastimes, hobbies, interests and general ‘know-how’) with an audience of knowledge-hungry readers. Videojug has over 5 million monthly users all looking for answers to life’s everyday questions. These answers come from our writers –  our real-world experts.
As a writer you can use Videojug Pages to freely & easily publish your writing, promote it to a wide online audience and build-up a loyal following of readers. Videojug Pages shares any advertising revenue 50:50 with their writers so earn money from content in perpetuity.
Kick-start your writing on Videojug Pages by taking part in the November Page Maker Competition. It’s FREE to enter and there are 10 cash prizes up for grabs for the most deserving writers.
Prizes – $3,000 prize fund – 10 individual prizes
–          1st Place – $1,000
–          2nd Place – $750
–          3RD Place – $500
–          4th Place – $150
–          5th-10th Place – $100 each
Eligibility –
–          All entrants must be over 18
–          This is an International contest but all Pages must be written in English
Themes –
–          All content & Pages need to be non-fiction. The nature of the content needs to be informative, useful and helpful to readers.
–          Writers can choose any topic to write about as long as it isn’t obscene, adult or cause offense.
–          IP rights & ownership of content created on Videojug Pages remains with the writers.
Entry Criteria –
–          All content needs to be written & published online at
–          All Pages must be published on Videojug Pages between 1st-30th November 2010
–          All Pages need a minimum of 300 words of text + be accompanied by 1 photo (or 1 online video) related to the topic written about
–          All content must be unique and original work – not copied from elsewhere on the internet

–          A full set of T&Cs can be found here – 
Visit the website for full details:

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