Chapters of Glory! Writing Contest

9 December 2010

Write A 12+ Chapters Ebook in 2 Months… Earn Glory… WIN $US200!!

Chapters of Glory! is a FREE writing contest designed to kick the brains of genius authors into overdrive. Frantic, coffee-fuelled days and nights pit authors one against the other – all within a supportive, vibrant and creative literary community of ‘Facebooking/Twittering-types’ – and the chance to win $US200! Entrants are challenged to write a complete, 12+ chapters ebook in 2 months – and get as much feedback on their writing as possible! Choose a topic you’re passionate about – you keep FULL copyright – AND YOU CAN SELL YOUR EBOOK at the end of it all! Cast your fears aside, Dear Writer, it’s time to publish your passion… write an epic ebook… have heaps of fun… and WIN GLORY!

Entries close Midnight (EST), January 15, 2011

The Rules are Simple

  1. Frantically write and post a complete, 12+ chapters (min. 25,000 words) ebook to Publishizer before midnight EST, January 15, 2010
  2. Earn ‘glory points’ in the form of comments, likes, tweets and star ratings on your chapters. Each comment, like, tweet and star ratings is worth 1 point!
  3. Spread your chapters mercilessly to friends, family and colleagues to win ‘Glory Points’!
  4. The author with the most amassed ‘Glory Points’ across their posted chapters WINS!

Visit the website for details:

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