The Disable Shop Blogging Contests

9 December 2010

 Enter now and win the chance to become a paid blogger writing about disability and disability products AND £250 in cash.

Runs from: 19th November – 18th December.

1. £250.00 in cash
2. The opportunity to become a paid blogger.

The Disabled Shop is looking for talented bloggers to write about disability and disability products. To find them, we are holding a blogging contest.

What you can win:

  • £250 in prize money.
  • Publicity in our press releases and newsletter.
  • The chance to become a professional (paid!) blogger.

The Judges

We are delighted that Disability Writes, an organisation that seeks to assist and encourage Disabled Writers, will be selecting the best blog post.

The website is based in the UK but anyone can enter, and the prize is £250 ($400) – all details are here:

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