New Exposure Opportunity for Children’s Authors… For Free

17 December 2010

HOBOKEN, NJ (12/14/10) —  There are countless tips for children’s authors at the beginning of their careers, as well as those looking to grow a career that has recently taken off.  These tips all center around the importance of exposure for the authors work.  In the past this important exposure has relied on the author investing in marketing, but there are new avenues for exposure that do not cost anything such as online publication with

FreeChildrenStories.Com is visited regularly by thousands of parents, teachers and children around the globe.  The website, was founded with the goal of making access to new and original stories as easy as possible for children regardless of whether their family could afford costly hardbound books.  The site is always accepting submissions from children’s authors, in any language, to be selected by the review team for publication at no cost.  The level of exposure provided by the website can be leveraged when trying to obtain a literary agent, and included in submissions to publishers. publication can also be used for transfer to ebook publication.

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