Gemini Magazine Jan. Issue/Short Story Contest

11 January 2011

We invite you to check out the January 2011 issue of Gemini Magazine
– Tough times force a young family to live without electricity in “The Essentials” by debut writer C Anneli Oliver.
– “The Man Who Stole a Nickel”: a tightly written thriller by Michael A. Kechula.
– “About a Boy” by Judith Mercado: a woman regrets choosing lifestyle over children.
– “Stones, Sticks and Stars” by Mary J. Daley: a decades-old tragedy pushes a woman toward the breaking point.
– “52nd and Spruce”: a vibrant, wistful view of an urban market by Allison Whittenberg.
– “Antonio Who Went Crazy” by Gil Arzola: a heavy weight secured by a fragile thread.
– “your arms” by Leigh Vandebogart: unexpected ending to a romantic scene.
Grand prize: $1,000. Open to all types of quality short fiction.

Deadline: March 31, 2011. Entry fee: $4.

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