“Promote the Good” Writing Contest

11 January 2011

Increasing happiness by helping you be good, do good, and promote good, through social connections.

 Have you ever wanted to make a difference in someone’s life?  Or maybe, you have had enough of all the negative news and are looking for something that shows good people are still out there doing good things?

Our site is passionate about collecting, supporting, and promoting the good that is out in the world and bringing it to you.  Our aim is to connect individuals and their “good” through a social context. Ideas, experiences, and the “good” of those you know will make a much bigger impact and be more meaningful, than from anyone else.  

We passionately believe that the world is made better by “good works” done every day and shared by those you know.  By sharing those acts and virtues, we believe that it will make the world, and more importantly, your life better.  This can best be done by making it social.

You are warmly invited to browse our site and register to become a part of our ever expanding community of individuals and friends that want to “be good, do good, and promote the good”.

The contest theme will be announced on January 15th, 2011. Sign up below to receive the theme announcement via email, or check back here on January 15th. (If you have already registered, the registration button is hidden.)

  • Poems, essays, and short stories may be submitted.                   
  • Each person may enter multiple original entries.
  • Entries may be submitted between January 15th – January 29th.  All entries MUST BE received by 11:59 PM Mountain Standard Time on January 29th.
  • All entries MUST BE submitted using the official link that will appear on this page. Entries submitted any other way are not eligible for the contest.


Check out and join us in our Writing Contest! at http://promotethegood.com/Writing+Contest+2011

Contact: camthadlock@hotmail.com

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