The 5th annual NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge

11 January 2011

The 5th annual NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge is now open for registration! This fun writing challenge is open to writers around the world. Here are the details:
● There are two rounds of competition.
● 1st Round (February 4-12, 2011):  Writers are placed randomly in heats.  Each heat is assigned a genre and a subject.  Some examples of past genre and subject combinations are: Comedy / Hunting, Fantasy / Steps, Horror / A family reunion, and Sci-Fi / A blind date. 
● Writers have eight days to write an original short story (2,500 words max).
● Winners are chosen from the 1st Round to advance to the 2nd Round and compete for thousands in cash and prizes. (First prize = $1,500; Second prize = $500; Third prize = $250; Fourth prize = $100)
● 2nd Round (April 1-2, 2011):  All of the writers receive the same genre and subject at midnight (EST time) and have just 24 hours to write an original short story.
● A panel of judges review the final round stories and winners are chosen!
How to Register
Visit The entry fee is US$49 until the Final Entry Deadline of Wednesday, February 2, 2011. Use the discount code SHORTAW to receive $5 off! 
Give the Gift of Creativity Register one of your favorite people in the Short Story Challenge 2011!  Go to for more information.

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