Call for Submissions: Open Reading from January 15th-March 15th, 2011

29 January 2011

The Splinter Generation, a literary journal for and about people born between 1973 and 1993, has begun its next reading period and is now accepting submissions for creative nonfiction, fiction and poetry. We are looking for the most powerful work you have—work that makes us look at ourselves in a new way and work that challenges, or confirms in some subversive way, the stereotypes that paint our generation as lazy or stupid or narcissistic or victims of the times.  If you have a poem, story, or nonfiction piece that relates to those in the Splinter Generation, send it our way.
Take a look at what we’ve previously published to get a sense of what we’re seeking. But we can tell you this much right now: we exist because we want to feature the best new voices — voices that aren’t just of the moment, but will still be meaningful when future generations look back at the journal. Just make sure you wrap us up in what you have to say. Make us feel. Make us think. Help us advance what literature can be online.
To submit, please follow these guidelines:

Email submissions to with the genre (fiction, poetry or nonfiction) and the word submission in the subject line. For example, a poetry submission should have a subject line that reads “Poetry Submission.”
A brief cover letter with your name, year you were born, city of residence, and titles of submission is required. Previously published work may be considered, but please let us know the details of the previous publication in the cover letter.
Simultaneous submissions are accepted and encouraged. If you do submit simultaneously, please let us know immediately if you’ve been accepted elsewhere.
Fiction/Prose: Maximum 3000 words. You may query for longer work. Please send work in a .doc or .txt document, but not in a .docx. Also, include your name and contact info on the document itself.
Poetry: Maximum three poems no longer than five pages, posted into the body of an email. If the poem is unable to go in the email due to form considerations, then please attach one document containing all poems being submitted.
Deadline: Our current reading period is open from January 15, 2010-March 15, 2010.

Additional information about our literary journal and the Open Reading/Call for Submissions:

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