Short Story Contest

29 January 2011

Writing Contest Details:
Deadline: February 13th, 2011, midnight.
Prize: E-book Ravena & The Resurrected by Tami Jackson. ($9.99 value)
Specifics: Write a short story (250-600 words), any style, about vampires!

The contest will be judged for:
– spelling and grammar
– engaging writing
– solid ending
– imagery/language
– excessive use of clichés

All entries must be submitted by Sunday, February 13th, at midnight. The winner will be announced the evening of Friday, February 19th (day after the interview is posted). I gain first time rights, and will publish the winning story on my blog for everyone to read. The author will maintain all other publication rights for their work. This contest is an event in the Virtual Tour of author Tami Jackson. Please see my blog for more details!

Submit contest entries to panademona[at]gmail{dot}com
My blog:

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