Pocataligo Poetry Contest

5 March 2011

Cash prize: $500 for the winner
Two $100 prizes will be awarded to runners-up
10 additional finalists will be listed on our website
All entries will be considered for publication 

Featuring Guest Judge:

Ray McManus

Entering the contest

You may submit groups of 3-5 poems along with a $10 entry fee per submission. Make sure to include your name, contact information, and title only on a separate cover letter. Include the title of the work on every page of the manuscript. Your name or any other personal information must not appear on the manuscript. NO MANUSCRIPTS WILL BE RETURNED.

Deadline for submissions March 31st, and winners will be announced on our website.

Entries can be submitted either online at http://yemassee.submishmash.com/ or mailed to
Pocataligo Poetry Contest
Department of English
University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC. 29208

Check must be made payable to: Educational Foundation/English Literary Magazine Fund.

Visit the website for more details: http://www.yemasseejournalonline.org/poetry_contest.html

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