Poetica Publishing Company Chapbook Contest

12 March 2011

“The Spirit of Nature”
1st place – 50 copies and $100.00 check
Up-to five Honorable Mention 
(each chapbook is priced at $13.00
total award $750.00)
Final Judge:
Michal Mahgerefteh

Official Rules: 

– Submit 16-24 pages of poetry.

– Submit manuscripts between January 1st – June 1st

– No name should appear on poems.

– Send two cover pages:

       ~ One cover page clipped to poems, with title only, no identifying information.

       ~ One separate cover page to contain title, name, address, phone and e-mail.

       ~ You may include biographical information.

– Include contents page/acknowledgments of any previously published poems

– Please do not submit a manuscript that has been previously published.

– Include $15.00 reading fee (PayPal or check/money order)

– Include SASE for results / or we will notify by email.

– Authors retain all rights to their work—authors must own all rights to their work.

– No manuscripts will be returned. We shred and recycle all unused work. 

– All entrants will receive one copy of the winning manuscript.

Visit the website for details on how to enter: http://www.poeticapublishing.com/contest.htm

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