Win a £500 General Critique by Cornerstones Literary Consultancy

26 August 2011
So, you know how we’ve been kind enough to give you lot some pretty damned fine prizes on comp corner over the last few months, yes? Prepare to spit out your coffee and stand on the cat in amazement at what we’ve got on offer this time.
Helen Corner, of acclaimed Cornerstones Literary Consultancy (and our brand new regular contributor), has only gone and offered one lucky reader the chance to win a free General Report on a manuscript up to 100,000 words in length, offering pointers for the author to polish their novel and raise it to the next level, and if it goes on to be ‘submission to agents’ worthy then Helen will let you know as there’s a marketability section within the report. This would normally cost you 500 of your British pounds (which is approximately the value of the entire NHS pension fund these days) and you could get it for nothing!
Well, not nothing, as you’ll have to actually enter the comp. Still good though, innit?
To Enter:
Send us the opening paragraph of your as yet unpublished novel, the one you want to get the full works if it wins. That’s it. No tricks, no hidden trapdoors or poisoned darts, just one single itty bitty paragraph up to 100 words. The emphasis isn’t so much on making us laugh as it is on impressing Helen enough that she wants to read on.
You can enter online at
The longlist will be notified and required to submit the first page of their novel after the closing date, from which Helen will be picking a winner!
Deadline: 5th November 2011
Entry Fee: Free
The shortlist and winner will be announced in the December 2011 issue of Words with JAM.
A full set of rules can also be viewed on the above link.
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