2012 Bat City Review Art & Writing Collaboration Prize

24 September 2011

Introducing the 2012 Bat City Review Art & Writing Collaboration Prize

Judge: Tomaz Salamun
Award: $1000 for the winning entry and publication in the 2012 issue of Bat City Review.
Deadline: November 1, 2011
Cost of Entry: An issue ($8) or subscription ($14)
What We’re Looking For: A bold, intoxicating combination of written text with visual art that engages and expands each medium in concert with the other.  Collaborative submissions (from multiple persons) are acceptable. It is necessary for the entrants to own the rights to all original work submitted. Pieces that involve other artists’ writing or work are welcome, as long as said art is in the public domain or the entrant can prove reception of the artist’s permission.

To submit, complete the following steps:
Step 1: Upload your submission as a .pdf to our online submission manager. Choose “Art & Writing Collaboration Contest” as the genre. We will only accept entries submitted through our submission manager.
Step 2: In lieu of a standard entrance fee, please purchase an issue or two of Bat City Review. Download, print, and complete the form below, and enclose it with your payment. Your submission will not be considered until this form has been received.

For more information, see batcityreview.com.  And of course, if you do not have an art and writing collaboration, but are still interested in submitting work, Bat City Review is currently accepting standard submissions for fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and art.

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