The Sitcom Mission 2012

30 September 2011

Here you can find details on how to enter The Sitcom Mission 2012. Make sure you read all the pages in this section – for example, you won’t stand a chance of winning unless you stick to the guidelines.

Early Bird Entry Fee: £10
(Entries received before 00.00 GMT on January 25, 2012)

Final Deadline Fee: £15
(Entries received between 00.00 GMT on January 25, 2012 and 23.59 on January 31, 2012)

This is the first year we have introduced an entry fee. In order to grow as an organisation and to secure the long-term future of The Sitcom Mission, we need to make sure we are financially sound. However, we stick to the policy that nobody will ever pay to appear on stage, and the 16 writers that make it through to the knock-out stage will have their entry fees refunded. Also, any writer taking the Bronze feedback who gets through to the longlist will have their feedback fee refunded.

We’re open for entry from 1st October 2011 until 23.59 GMT on January 31, 2012. There’ll be a PayPal button here from 1st October, and once payment is received you’ll be directed to an online system where you can upload your script.

Before entering, you should read the following three pages. The guidelines will make sure you submit a suitable script, and the rules govern this competition…

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