New Gemini issue & poetry contest

3 October 2011
Finally–the September issue of Gemini Magazine is here! I hope you’ll agree the wait was worth it. Even the titles are intriguing:
– “Identity Theft” (poem by Diana Raab)
– “Authority Figure” (flash fiction by Tony Wayne Brown)
– “Nothin to Lose” (poem by Chinedu Jonathan)
– “Discarded” (short story by Dina Greenberg)
– “Before AIDS Was a Word” (poem by Donna Emerson)
– “Joan Doering Is Dead” (poem by Carol Gloor)
– “Dollhouse” (fiction from Cindy Rosmus)
– “Off Broadway” (short story by Andre Zucker)
– “Social Networking” (abstract cover art by Zachary Brown)

We are also pleased to announce our Second Annual Poetry Open. Grand prize of $1,000, second/third prizes of $100/$50. Entry fee only $5 for up to three poems. We’ve extended the deadline past New Year’s through January 3, 2012, when post offices reopen.

Visit the website:

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