WIN your favourite piece of Oak Furniture* by writing your own review: Mainland UK residents only

3 October 2011

Are you good at creative writing? Can you think of a thousand ways to describe a bedside table? ENTER NOW…

In our latest competition, we give you the chance to win a piece of oak furniture from our signature ranges up to the value of £500*. We are looking for creative reviews of our furniture, something to spice up our own descriptions.

Follow these easy steps to win..

Step 1) Pick an item you like (this can be any item)

Step 2) Write a review of it like in a similar style to the example above

Step 3) E-mail us here and tell us what piece of furniture you are reviewing and include your review.

More reviews mean more chances to win…. each review counts as an entry (we have over 2,000 products so if you are bored go nuts!!!)


1) This competition is open to members of the public only, No one employed by friends, or family entries will be entered into the draw

2) The draw will take place on January 3rd 2012, last entry will be on 31st December 2012.

3) reserves the right to end the competition early without notice

4) * The winner will receive store credit redeemable on Oxford, Rustic, Louis, London, and French Style oak furniture

5) There is no cash prize alternative

6) The winner agrees to participate in publicity for The Furniture Market™

7) Entrants reviews will be featured on the main item pages and credited under your first name or start of email address. for example… “Emma” or “Sparklyshell

8)  The Furniture reserves the right to change the competition terms and conditions without notice at any time.

11) For any questions regarding this competition, please email

12) The winner will be required to provide proof of ID, it is The Furniture Market™ s decision as to weather proof of ID is established satisfactorily.

13) As much as our four legged friends and our friends from Russia may wish to secretly enter our French furniture competition, we are afraid that we have to stipulate this a humans only residing in Mainland UK can enter this competition, It would be very difficult to arrange delivery times and so on with dogs and cats.. and our van drivers may have difficulty driving to Moscow and back in a single day.


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