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Whisper Poetry: The Keyboard of My Heart Poetry Competition

5 October 2011


We are launching our second special poetry competition which is open to writers (Both students and adults) all over the world.

The topic is “The Keyboard of my Heart” and all entries received and paid for will be available on the site.

There will only be one prize and the winning writer will receive 80% of the entry fee received. The Minimum prize however will not be less than R 1000.00

The closing date for the competition is 31st November 2011 and entries bearing this date as a post mark will be accepted.

To enter the competition please click on or

All entries are to be clearly marked with your contact details:


Fax number or email address.

Cell number or telephone number where you can be contacted.

The entry fee is R25.00 per entry and every entry entered for will need to be paid for.

There is no limit on the number of entries but each entry will need to be paid for.

Only entries that are paid for will qualify for the prize.

Visit this page to make payment for your entry/entries:

We would love being able to award a prize of R10000.00 (US $ 1500.00; £ 900.00 and Euro 1000.00

So come on all you gifted writers and keep those pens writing.

All entries received will be published in our 2011 anthology.

Best of Luck,

Stan Almendro (Editor and Poet)

Caregiver Village – A new community

5 October 2011

As you may be aware, the number of unpaid family caregivers in North America is 50 million and growing every day.

I’d like to introduce you and the readers of Creative Writing Contests to Caregiver Village, an online community designed exclusively for those who provide care for anyone with special needs.

Caregiver Village members connect with friends, participate in book clubs with celebrity authors, journal, play mystery games, solve puzzles, and learn valuable information about caregiving.

The founders of Caregiver Village have also just put aside a portion of the launch funding to support caregiving organizations.

For every person that joins Caregiver Village, they will donate $1 to that persons organization of choice.

I’ve created a page which explains everything:

Submission Call: Soulmate Love Letters

5 October 2011

We are seeking letters about the serendipity, magic, and divine design of being in love with your true love and soulmate for our book to be released in 2012 called:

Miracles of True Love: Soulmate Love Letters

Miracles of True Love: Soulmate Love Letters, is an inspiring gift book filled with expressions of love from the very soul of the authors about their soulmates. The book will be broken down into the following sections:
Beloved Quest: Everyone wants to be in love with their soulmate, but sometimes the universe needs a little push. Some Ideas for this section:
1) Write a letter reaching out to your soulmate in the universe.
2) Write a love letter to yourself…you’ve done the work now you are ready for the partner you seek. Writing a letter like this can be a very powerful affirmation. There are many books on the market right now filled with ways people have manifested their soulmate into their lives.

Our Journey: Beginning our journey together, those who have found their soulmate and are at the beginning of the journey. Some Ideas for this section:

1) Tell us the things that happened that made you know this was the ONE, your soulmate.
2) Share with us any events that reaffirm for you that this is your true love, the one you are destined to be with.
3) How has finding and loving this one person been a miracle in or changed your life?

Timeless Treasures: Reaffirmations of the love you share. Ideas for this section:
1) Tell us what makes YOU as a couple special
2) What is the true meaning of our journey together?
3) Has your love just gotten better and better? How has it made you grow as a person, or spiritually?
4) How has your true love helped you conquer all of life’s difficulties?

Love Everlasting: Letters to soulmates who have passed on. Ideas for this section:

1)Is there something you didn’t share with your soulmate that you want to share with them now?
2) How is your love a lesson to be passed on to our future generations?
3) How was your life together a true miracle?

Submission Guidelines: 

1. Each letter should be 1200 words or less, we are seeking approximately 40 stories for publication
2. letters must be uplifting and from your heart
3. Stories must be true
4. Submission Deadline is November 15, 2011

Book will be published in September 2012.  Each selected author will receive Two free copies of the book, a 50% author discount on books for life, and tons of marketing help to build YOU as an author. Your Bio will be included with your story in the book….and more.  For Complete Submission guidelines please query:  Email:

Strictly Shakespeare October Halloween Poetry Competition

5 October 2011

Strictly Shakespeare Does Halloween!

THE RULES of Submission:-

1.) Poetic Entries can be up to 40 lines long and in any poetic format.  Prose entries must be a minimum of 400 words and a maximum of 2000 words.

2.) Entrance fee – £2.50 for up to 3 entries to be paid on our fee page.  Please email if the name on the billing information is different to the name on the entry.

3.) Contestants must be aged 18 or over.

4.) There is a maximum submission of 5 pieces of prose and 5 pieces of poetry per month.

5.) In submitting you must guarantee that a.) you are an amateur writer and b.) that you will not vote for yourself in the contest.

6.) You retain the full usage rights of your work but we ask you not to submit work that has earned money elsewhere on the web.

7.) No PLAGARISM of any kind will be tolerated.  Anyone in violation of these rules will be banned from applying for future competitions.

8.) You agree that the judges and then the public’s votes are final.

We want this project to remain fun and encourage a love and passion for writing.  Please do not spoil this experience for everyone.

*Just a quick note to let you know that we have decided to extend our October “Hallowe’en” Competition to midnight of October 20th, 2011 so that our winner will be announced on Hallowe’en itself! 
Remember that you can submit up to three entries for the price of one entry fee.  So send us your spooky stories and paranormal poems and let’s have some seasonal fun!
Enter now at