Whisper Poetry: The Keyboard of My Heart Poetry Competition

5 October 2011


We are launching our second special poetry competition which is open to writers (Both students and adults) all over the world.

The topic is “The Keyboard of my Heart” and all entries received and paid for will be available on the site.

There will only be one prize and the winning writer will receive 80% of the entry fee received. The Minimum prize however will not be less than R 1000.00

The closing date for the competition is 31st November 2011 and entries bearing this date as a post mark will be accepted.

To enter the competition please click on stan@whisperpoetry.com or info@whisperpoetry.com

All entries are to be clearly marked with your contact details:


Fax number or email address.

Cell number or telephone number where you can be contacted.

The entry fee is R25.00 per entry and every entry entered for will need to be paid for.

There is no limit on the number of entries but each entry will need to be paid for.

Only entries that are paid for will qualify for the prize.

Visit this page to make payment for your entry/entries:


We would love being able to award a prize of R10000.00 (US $ 1500.00; £ 900.00 and Euro 1000.00

So come on all you gifted writers and keep those pens writing.

All entries received will be published in our 2011 anthology.

Best of Luck,

Stan Almendro (Editor and Poet)

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