Call for Submissions: Sawmill Fiction Issue #1

2 December 2011

With the fiction issues, Sawmill ups the proverbial ante on web-based publications. By forging partnerships with authors, illustrators, and graphic designers, we present digital packaging as gorgeous and important as the literature housed within. We want to show you a journal created with love and attention to detail, as memorable and honest as any book you’ve ever held in your own hot hands. In other words, something worth coming back for time and again.

A new issue of Sawmill arrives every January and July, with a featured visual artist showcased in each issue alongside some of the most compelling fiction we can get our mitts on.

If you’re an illustrator, or graphic designer interested in contributing to this great experiment, please e-mail for complete submission guidelines.

Sawmill does not discriminate against any genre or brand of fiction writing. Please send your fiction submission to as a .pdf, .doc, or Pages attachment. Submissions should be 6,500 words or less.

For Summer 2012: Open submissions begin on December 1, 2011 and close on March 1, 2012.

Visit the website for submission details:

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