29 January 2012

The competition is called Libboo Bounty –

The deadline is the 1st March 2012 and the prize is a publishing deal with Libboo and $500 (shared between the successful authors). The theme is short-stories under the category of ‘Holiday & Vacation Mayhem’ – anything that tells the tale of disasters/comedy during a holiday or vacation, and up to 5 stories will be chosen for the book.

The publishing deal includes a 50% royalty rate (shared between the authors) where Libboo will distribute to all the electronic stores and provide marketing support. There is no entry fee – all submissions must be done via

A little info about Libboo – we are a startup based out of MIT in Cambridge MA. We have very recently had a huge level of success with our first Bounty with the bestselling author Richard Wiseman. Our aim is to ultimately make the publishing industry far more accessible and allow aspiring content creators access to an inviting community.

Visit the website:

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