15 February 2012

We’ve launched a competition. Not just any competition. Let me tell you why!

Promoting your work is not an easy feat. You can do things online but it’s nice to have something in print, something you can put on your wall, like a postcard…

So the idea is the winning poems and photographs of the competition will be turned into a beautiful postcard (we pride ourselves on our design) AND we will distribute these postcards to leading independent bookshops in Dublin, London, Edinburgh, Paris, Berlin, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Melbourne, Sydney, Toronto & Vancouver. We’re not kidding. They’ll be free so people can just pick them up!

There will be two winners in each category – two poems and two photographs – so two different postcards will be created. We will make 2000 of each. Your work will be sent all around the world. The winning entries will also be published on our website too. Pretty good eh?

The theme is BARE HANDS



Entries are €4 for one entry. Multiple entries are accepted.

To pay simply click the BUY NOW button on our site

All competition entries should be emailed to

Poetry entries:

Poems must be unpublished and not be entered into any other competition. Poems should be no longer than 20 lines long (has to fit on the postcard!) Send your poem within the body of an email (no attachments please). Put your name at the end of the poem. Mark the subject field COMPETITION ENTRY POETRY.

Photography entries:

Photographs must not have appeared in any online or print journal. Put your name in the body of an email. Attach your entry as a jpeg and mark the subject field COMPETITION ENTRY PHOTOGRAPHY.

The winners will be announced at the end of March.

Postcards will be created and distributed in May!

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